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Ford Mustang Wind Deflector

As thrilling as it is behind the wheel of a convertible Mustang, there could be times when you’re on the highway and the sound of wind ripping through the cabin is too much. Rather than put the convertible top back up, add a Mustang wind deflector from Top Flight Automotive’s catalog. 

Our site is your source for multiple designs compatible with the S197 (2005-2014) and S550 (2015-present) models.

High-Quality Mustang Convertible Wind Deflectors

Not all Mustang accessories provide the same level of performance and style. Shop Top Flight Automotive for parts from WindRestrictor® to get the degree of quality your ‘Stang deserves. 

Most of the Mustang wind deflectors in our catalog are transparent. Prevent wind from moving in an unfavorable direction without blocking your rear view. Many of these accessories attach behind the driver and passenger seat headrests. Choose Mustang-specific wind deflectors as well as power packs, power plugs and dimmer switches from our site.

S197 Mustang Wind Deflectors for Sale

Enjoy driving your fifth-gen Mustang at various speeds. The S197 Mustang wind deflectors we sell are the perfect additions to these retro-style vehicles. Reduce wind noise and turbulence using accessories by WindRestrictor that are roughly 30 times stronger than glass.

Top Flight Automotive is your source for wind deflectors with and without Mustang logos and scripts. Whether you want your cabin accessory to show running horses, tri-bar ponies or Cobra snakes, we have you covered.

S550 Ford Mustang Wind Deflectors

Shop S550 Mustang wind deflectors made with acrylic materials for durability. The sixth-gen Mustang listings you’ll see from WindRestrictor are safe against fading, yellowing, peeling and cracking. You can forget about drilling into your vehicle during your project — WindRestrictor technology fastens via no-drill brackets for ease of use.

Illuminate the back of your muscle car with wind deflectors that can glow in shades of blue, red or white when paired with sufficient power. Select wind deflectors work with dimmer switch remotes you can buy separately.

Mustang Wind Deflector Power Solutions

Top Flight Automotive supports your customization vision with a collection of power plugs and packs for WindRestrictor accessories. Fasten a wind deflector inside your S197 or S550 Mustang and connect the device via a 12-volt plug or wireless battery pack.

You can also purchase parts that draw power from your Ford Mustang’s cigarette lighter or connect to a wall outlet for charging.

Buy Wind Deflectors for Your Mustang Convertible From Our Catalog

Many of the Mustang wind deflectors, plugs and battery packs you’ll find in the Top Flight Automotive catalog are in stock and ready to ship. From cabin technology to repair and restoration components, you can count on our team to carry parts from trusted manufacturers based around the globe. Reach out if you have any questions — our knowledgeable sales representatives can provide recommendations for Mustang upgrades based on your needs.

Pick out Ford Mustang convertible wind deflectors and order from our site today!

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