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Ford Mustang Hood Accessories

Your Ford Mustang’s front-end surfaces draw attention naturally, and that includes the hood attachment. Adding Ford Mustang hood accessories to your ride can make this area of your muscle car even more noticeable. Top Flight Automotive is a one-stop shop for all of the parts you need to bring your vision to life.

Your Source for Mustang Hood Accessories 

We stock a wide range of aftermarket add-ons for different Mustang generations. Our parts catalog includes:

  • Hood decals
  • Hood grilles, scoops and trims
  • Hood lift support kits
  • Hood inserts
  • Hood pins

Mustang Hood Decals for Sale

Show off your Ford Mustang’s impressive attributes with aftermarket hood decals. Top Flight Automotive is your source for Classic (1965-1973) Mustang decals by Scott Drake. You can tell others about the ram-air system you have below the hood thanks to model-specific decals.

Ford Mustang Hood Grilles, Scoops and Trims

Treat your Classic, Fox Body (1979-1993) or S197 (2005-2014) Mustang to add-ons that change the appearance of the stock hood and guide more air to the engine compartment. Top Flight Automotive stocks hood technology by Daniel Carpenter, Scott Drake and American Car Craft.

Whether you’re looking for shaker hood trim rings or perforated hood vent grilles in polished or satin finishes, our catalog has you covered. Many Ford Mustang hood grilles, scoops and trim pieces we sell integrate without irreversible alterations.

Hood Lift Support Kits for Mustangs

Mustang hood lift support kits by California Pony Cars save you from relying on the traditional rod that folds away on your car. Each kit comes with components that stay concealed when your Mustang hood is closed and support the weight of stock and aftermarket hood attachments when open.

Release your vehicle’s hood and have colorful lift supports do the work for you. These upgrades prop Mustang hoods in the open position so you can forget about holding the attachment while you scramble to find the stock rod. Hood lift support kits are effective for staying safe while you complete DIY repairs. Pick from multiple colors for S197 and S550 (2015-present) Mustangs, including:

  • Green
  • Black
  • Silver
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • White
  • Gray
  • Red

Mustang Hood Pins and Locks

Count on Top Flight Automotive for first- through sixth-generation solutions that prevent the hood assembly from opening while you’re moving. Shop our site for chrome hood pins and locks by AMK Products, Ring Brothers, Mr. Gasket and Scott Drake to prepare for the unexpected.

Buy Ford Mustang Hood Accessories Online Today

Top Flight Automotive carries a one-of-a-kind collection of Mustang hood accessories. Our staff is ready to help when you need recommendations for parts, and we’re ready to ship most in-stock items the same day you place your order. Browse our catalog and check out with the parts you need for your next project today!

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