Third Generation Ford Mustang Disc Brakes

Whether you use your ‘Stang for daily driving or racing, the disc brakes are essential for controlling the speed of your muscle car. Top Flight Automotive is your source for disc brake technology with the potential to enhance brake response and keep components cooler.

Our site is a hub for disc brake parts and kits that make all the difference on the road and track. Browse our selections to see how you can make your pony car even better.

Exceptional Fox Body Mustang Power Brake Upgrades

The disc brakes and pads you mount on your Mustang matter. Brake system technology must function consistently so you can regulate speeds and confidently handle your vehicle.

Make your upgrades last by choosing parts from trusted manufacturers with facilities worldwide. Top Flight Automotive stocks a long list of disc brakes for Fox Body (1979-1993) Mustangs from brands you can count on:

  • PowerStop
  • Raybestos
  • Hawk Performance
  • Auto Accessories of America
  • Baer Brake Systems
  • Porterfield Racing Brake Pads

Options for Fox Body Mustang Disc Brake Upgrades

It’s nice to have multiple options for disc brake upgrades. Top Flight Automotive gives you this luxury by stocking a wide range of parts and kits for third-generation muscle cars:

Fox Body Mustang Disc Brakes and Conversion Kits

Starting in 1993, the Ford Mustang featured disc brakes on all four wheels as standard equipment. If you’d like to convert drum brakes to a disc brake configuration, turn to Top Flight Automotive for the technology you need from SSBC-USA.

A third-generation brake conversion kit will provide all the components necessary for a complete transformation. Many systems are engineered to bolt onto your Mustang’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) axle. Achieve the level of performance seen with modern cars for your 1979-1993 ‘Stang.

Depending on the conversion kit you select, you can purchase cast iron calipers, a new master cylinder, semi-metallic brake pads, brake hoses and related technology together for a straightforward project. Some SSBC-USA disc brake conversion kits give you upwards of 30% more stopping power compared to stock drum brakes.

Disc Brake Pad Sets for Third-Gen Mustangs

On a Mustang, disc brake pads are put to the test. Whether you’re using OEM brake parts or you convert from a drum brake setup, you’ll likely need to replace them at some point. Top Flight Automotive is your source for Hawk Performance brake pads.

Equip your 1979-1993 Ford Mustang with pads that dissipate heat efficiently for a longer service life. We stock Hawk Performance pads for famous Fox Body models such as GT, LX and SVO Mustangs.

Buy Fox Body Mustang Brakes From Top Flight Automotive

Top Flight Automotive is a one-stop shop for third-generation Mustang brakes from the most trusted manufacturers. Use the search functions on our site to narrow results down to certain model years and Mustang generations. Shop our selection of brake parts and kits for sale online!

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