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1st-Generation Mustang Fuel Storage

Collectors hear the words, “first-generation Mustang” and immediately think about the most impressive pony cars of the 1960s and 1970s. The Ford Mustang entered the market to provide consumers with plenty of power in a lightweight package. Early releases sold well beyond the manufacturer’s expectations. In fact, Ford sold 400,000 units in the model’s first production year. What’s more, the company equipped some variants with over 200 horsepower for racing applications.

Fast forward to the present day, and collectors cherish 1965-1973 Classic Mustangs as some of the most valuable collector cars ever made. If you own one of these pony cars, taking care of your vehicle’s fuel system is vital. 

Top Flight Automotive wants to help you reach hair-raising speeds, so we bring you a collection of first-generation Mustang fuel system parts. Add listings from Detroit Speed, Inc., Mr. Mustang, Scott Drake and others to your cart to keep your ride on the road for years to come.

Why Maintain the 1st-Generation Mustang Fuel System?

Whether you have a straight-six or V8 engine under the hood of your first-generation Mustang, fuel is essential for power. Something as small as a fuel leak can interfere with performance outputs, so it’s vital to upkeep your Mustang’s fuel system for consistency behind the wheel.

You can only make it from point A to point B with a reliable fuel system. Your Mustang should have an uninterrupted flow of gasoline to the engine compartment so that internal combustion may occur. Having a professional inspect your vehicle’s fuel system yearly ensures your engine runs according to manufacturer specifications for fewer breakdowns.

Maintaining the first-generation Mustang fuel system allows you to stay safe inside the cabin and prevent unwanted damage to your favorite car.

Signs Your 1st-Generation Mustang Fuel System Needs Work

First-generation Mustangs are reliable, but no original equipment manufacturer (OEM) part lasts forever. After more than five decades on the road, you can expect some wear and tear on fuel connections. Check out our parts for the first-generation Mustang fuel system if you experience the following warning signs that your stock setup needs attention:

  • You see rust on your vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • The engine fails to start.
  • You spot puddles of gas underneath your pony car.
  • A sputtering sound occurs throughout acceleration.
  • You notice a substantial decrease in fuel efficiency.

A Variety of 1st-Generation Mustang Fuel System Parts Online

Top Flight Automotive is your source for fuel system parts and accessories compatible with your Classic Mustang. Our inventory is home to selections that mount without having to manipulate your vehicle’s body. These qualities preserve collector value. Rust and missing hardware pieces are problems of the past, thanks to our offerings that fit just like stock attachments.

Our professionals cater to Classic Mustang variants such as GT, GT350 and Mach 1 models, so we have everything you require for restoration on a single website. 

1965-1973 1st-Generation Mustang Fuel Storage Kits

Are you having problems with your original 1965-1973 fuel tank? Top Flight Automotive makes it simple to replace multiple components in your first-generation Mustang fuel system with gas tank kits from Mr. Mustang. Respond to wear and tear without guessing which pieces you need for your setup, as we categorize our fuel tank bundles by production year to deliver a drop-in fit.

Mr. Mustang fuel tank kits coincide with manufacturing changes during the Classic Mustang era. Equip your vehicle with a 16-, 20- or 22-gallon tank so that you can cruise with fewer stops at the gas station. Select first-generation Mustang fuel storage kits arrive with crucial components:

  • Fuel storage tank
  • Sending unit
  • Filler neck, hose and screws
  • Filler gasket
  • Filler hose clamps
  • Tank fastening hardware

If your fuel storage connections are in excellent condition, Mr. Mustang replacement tanks are available separately.

1965-1975 1st-Generation Mustang Fuel Filler Neck Parts

A fuel filler neck creates a sealed pathway for gas to enter the tank. When you stop at the pump, you rely on this device to bridge the gap between the filler port and storage tank hoses for minimal waste. Mustang fuel filler necks play a pivotal role in keeping gasoline odors out of the cabin for safety and a comfortable behind-the-wheel experience.

Top Flight Automotive introduces drivers to replacement fuel filler necks, which are ideal for situations in which factory originals rust out. Spend less at the pump with our metal filler pipes that keep your Classic Mustang on the road for future generations to admire. Listings brought to you by ACP and Mr. Mustang install alongside your vehicle’s taillight panel for security. 

Our suppliers manufacture most of our first-generation Mustang fuel filler necks with heavy-duty sheet metal for outstanding durability.

1965-1973 1st-Generation Mustang Gas Caps

First-generation Mustang gas caps keep dirt, pollen and rain out of fuel connections. With these accessories sitting along the exterior of your vehicle, it’s possible that your 1960s or 1970s fuel cap has gone missing or shows signs of deterioration. Luckily, Top Flight Automotive partners with brands like Scott Drake and ACP for cost-friendly replacements that resemble the parts that rolled out of the Ford factory over 50 years ago.

Find vented and non-vented Classic Mustang gas caps featuring signature logos and scripts. Some of our most popular first-generation Mustang gas caps are available with chrome details that grab attention in any setting. From twist-off styles to accessories that lock shut, Top Flight Automotive carries assemblies with brand images, including:

  • Tri-Bar pony emblems
  • 1960s GT lettering
  • Shelby GT350 scripts

Purchase 1st-Generation Mustang Fuel System Parts From Us Today

Top Flight Automotive dedicates our team to connecting classic car owners with 1965-1973 Mustang parts at budget-friendly prices. We take pride in our expanding inventory of components for your vehicle and extend price match guarantees for all orders. Our sales staff members are enthusiasts that love to hear about your classic cars. You can call in during normal business hours if you need help choosing the right first-generation Mustang fuel system pieces for your showroom vehicle.

Top Flight Automotive works with the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, which is recognizable for helping Ford fanatics for over four decades. Place your order with us today, and contact us for more information about our loyalty program.

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