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Classic Mustang Door Panels

The Mustang took the automotive world by storm when Ford released it to the public in April 1964. Ford engineers utilized the platform of the Falcon, one of the first American-made compact vehicles, and developed a sleek, powerful sports car that appealed to young drivers. While many car enthusiasts anticipated that the Mustang would do well, few could have predicted that the combined U.S. sales of the 1964.5 and 1965 models would exceed 680,000 units. 

The first Mustang era, known as the Classic generation, spanned the 1964.5-1973 model years. This line was the most successful in this trailblazing automobile’s nearly 60-year history. The Mustang also inspired a class of vehicles referred to as pony cars, characterized by a compact, sporty design, high performance and an affordable price tag. 

As the Mustang evolved over its first generation, it continued to gain size and bulk. By 1973, the Mustang’s weight had ballooned to over 3,600 pounds, an increase of approximately 1,200 pounds from the 1965 versions. The engines also got bigger to meet the demands of muscle car enthusiasts who wanted more horsepower under the hood. 

Tighter emission requirements and a looming energy crisis ultimately led Ford to redesign the Mustang, making it lighter and more fuel-efficient. By 1974, the Classic Mustang generation had ended. 

Where to Get Classic Mustang Parts

Although the Classic era is a thing of the past, many of these vintage vehicles still exist. If you’re fortunate enough to have a first-generation Mustang in your garage, Top Flight Automotive has all the parts you need to keep it running and looking great. 

Our sprawling 200,000-square-foot warehouse in Reedsville, PA, is home to thousands of high-quality aftermarket products for all Mustang releases and variants. We’re part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, which has been meeting the needs of pony car owners like you for over four decades. 

We Carry 1st-Generation Mustang Door Panels

Are your older Mustang’s factory original door panels showing signs of wear? Are you in the middle of a bumper-to-bumper restoration project and need to find panels that fit properly? 

Our vast selection of Classic Mustang door panels can meet your requirements. We offer products for every model year from 1964.5 to 1973. Our inventory consists of nearly 120 parts that enable professional automotive repair technicians and car enthusiasts alike to get the job done quickly and efficiently. 

1st-Generation Mustang Replacement Door Panels

Our selection includes first-generation Mustang replacement door panel sets that enable you to upgrade your vehicle’s driver and passenger side. You’ll also find other parts you may need to complete the installation, like door lock knobs and handles, armrests and ashtrays. Many panels feature a plastic backing that provides additional support and stability. Properly aligned holes allow you to insert and tighten screws correctly for an easy, long-term fit. 

Select From a Broad Assortment of Attractive Colors

You want your Classic Mustang to look its best. We offer door panels in a vast array of colors to help you achieve the ideal interior presentation. If you prefer a more conservative appearance, choose a basic color like black, white or blue. You can also opt for a more unique aesthetic with shades of turquoise, nugget gold or aqua. You’ll be proud to display your Mustang at car shows or take your friends for a ride. 

Aftermarket Products From Trusted Manufacturers

Whether you’re making minor repairs or rebuilding a vintage Mustang from the wheels up, you want parts you can trust. Our first-generation Mustang door panels come from manufacturers with an excellent reputation throughout the pony car community. You’ll find products from Auto Accessories of America, Dashes Direct, Scott Drake, TMI Products and many other suppliers. You’ll have confidence that the parts and components you install in your vehicle will hold up well and look fantastic for years to come.

When to Consider Replacing the Door Panels

Like most vehicle components, door panels will show signs of wear and tear after decades of use and storage. Because of their high visibility, damaged panels can substantially detract from your car’s appearance. They can even come loose and stop fitting as they should. If your panels are deteriorating or showing their age, a new installation can make your Mustang’s interior look new. We can provide advice to help you plan a smooth, seamless do-it-yourself (DIY) project. 

Get Expert Product Selection Assistance

If you’re having trouble deciding which door panels will look and fit the best in your Mustang, we’re happy to help. The Top Flight Automotive sales team consists of experts who have 175 years of combined pony car experience. We can offer suggestions for your specific model and year to allow you to make a more informed selection. Use our sales representatives as a sounding board for all your parts and components decisions. 

Why Make Us Your Aftermarket Products Partner?

Compared to other Mustang parts providers, we have the most extensive inventory and sincere commitment to delivering top-notch customer service. Additional reasons to choose Top Flight Automotive include:

  • Reasonable prices that are often far below the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), providing the best value for your money.
  • Price matching to ensure you pay as little as possible for the parts you need.
  • Email promotions where you can receive more money-saving offers in your inbox.
  • No restrictive minimum order requirements so that you can purchase only one or two products if that’s all you need. 
  • Downloadable catalogs to provide additional information on the manufacturers and their parts selection. 
  • Around-the-clock online ordering for your convenience.
  • Fast shipping within the U.S. and around the world.

Order Your 1st-Generation Mustang Door Panels Today

Browse our entire selection of Classic Mustang door panels and place your order online today. You can also make your purchase by phone. Domestic customers can call 833-486-7354, and international shoppers can reach us at 717-667-3004 during our regular business hours. We’ll be happy to help you find the first-generation Mustang replacement door panels you need to complete your restoration project.

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