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Everything Corvette Enthusiasts Need to Know About the 2020 C8 Corvette

February 10, 2020

Everything corvette enthusiasts need to know about the 2020 C8 Corvette

At last — the moment you’ve been twiddling your thumbs over is finally here. After anxiously watching every performance video and reading up on, or even attending, the 2019 Corvette’s at Carlisle Show, the 2020 C8 is ready to start production in February 2020.

The Corvette endeavor began in 1953 with the C1. With each generation, the series has continued to evolve with impressive innovations. As Chevy presses forward with the Hallmark of Zora’s legacy, they’ve once again taken their engineering to the next level. The C8 is one of the most remarkable transformations in the past 67 years, the embodiment of a continuing performance legend, and at the same time a revolutionary world class sports car.

Top Flight Automotive has all the nitty-gritty details you’re dying to know. From its specifications down to its unique Driver Mode Selector, the 2020 Stingray is much more than an eye-catching sports car. It’s a lifestyle and a dream with an element of passion that transcends time, generations and cultures.

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Mid-Engine Corvette Specs

The C8 Stingray’s performance specs make it the most powerful base model Corvette seen to date. Chevy’s engineers, designers, artists, body specialists, mechanics and technicians have redesigned the Stingray Coupe and Convertible to make your drive even more thrilling than ever before.

Let’s start with the Stingray’s specifications.

  • 495 HP
  • 470 lb.-ft. of torque
  • Three Oil scavenge pumps
  • 6.2 L LT2 V8 engine
  • 194 mph top speed
  • 0-60mph in 2.9 seconds (with Z51 Package)
  • M1L 8-speed dual-clutch transmission
  • 12-inch display in the cockpit
  • 19×8.5” Front Wheels
  • 20×11” Rear Wheels
  • An Amazing 11.5:1 Compression ratio
  • Stainless Tuned Equal Length Factory Exhaust Manifolds

When you combine all the C8’s specifications, they make one powerful Supercar of the People.

The Corvette’s equal-length runners, located on the composite intake manifold, are designed to boost the engine’s torque and maximize the airflow of each cylinder. With stainless steel headers that run into the split volume catalytic converters, Exhaust gas evacuation becomes more prominent, while also helping the car meet strict emissions standards.

The engine’s 3 oil scavenge pumps ensure unrestricted and crucial flow of oil to critical engine areas during high G turns. Meanwhile, the dual-clutch automatic transmission allows the Corvette to shift at lightning speeds while remaining smooth in day to day usage.

An In-Depth View of the Stingray’s Interior and Exterior Features

From the beginning to the end, the inside to outside, the front to back and the top to bottom — nothing went unseen with the C8.

Your First Impressions

The 2020 Corvette exudes a style that makes you want to drive it every single day. It’s not only a gorgeous and sleek car that makes your jaw drop, but it’s also functional. The mid-engine configuration gives you superior visibility of the road ahead, excellent steering responsiveness and incredible driving feel. The hidden door handles and hatch/hood release maintain the car’s sleek seamless appearance.

The C8 has upgraded aerodynamic and cooling components over the previous Generation. The heat exchangers installed behind each opening in the rear quarter panels cool the engine. Plus, the rear spoiler keeps the car grounded when reaching top speeds while also boosting the car’s appearance.

Only a single C8 Corvette part was carried over from the previous generation, and that was the latch for the targa top. It’s renewed body structure, and its rigid frame is more than 10% stiffer compared to the C7 version, resulting in superior handling and driver confidence.

Even with all these exceptional performance variables, the Corvette doesn’t skimp on cargo space. The C8 can carry plenty of luggage while also having enough space to store the removable roof panel. Despite the car’s streamlined appearance, it has both a deep front storage section and a rear trunk that can fit two golf bags.

The V8 Engine

When you get up close and personal with the Stingray, you’ll be able to see the brand-new LT2 V8 engine through the rear hatch window. It’s an exclusive characteristic that no other Corvette has ever been able to pull off so beautifully.

Placing the engine in the rear allowed Corvette engineers to lower the hood, cowl, steering wheel and instrument panel to give you the ultimate line of vision. The low-mounted engine, thanks to the new standard Dry Sump oiling system, also helps reduce the car’s center of gravity. The new placement of the V8 allows more power to make it to the ground because of the better rear weight bias.

You can even upgrade your package to add LED lighting and carbon fiber parts to spruce up the engine.

The Convertible Is Still Here

The release of the 2020 C8 Stingray will be the first time the series has a retractable hardtop. It’s a two-piece design that gives you advantages like vehicle security, quietness, aesthetic and no loss of cargo space.

The convertible quickly operates while keeping the stunning lines of the Coupe. You can raise and lower the roof as you’re driving at speeds up to 30 mph. The retractable hardtop has the power of six electric motors for increased reliability as you operate through extreme weather conditions, too.

The C8 convertible weighs only 77 lbs. more than the Coupe and is available in Carbon Flash or body color.

A Look Inside the Driver-Oriented Cockpit

2020 c8 corvette interior

Corvette created an intuitive and comfortable driver domain where each detail melts together to craft an immersive experience. Every button is right where it should be for exceptional ergonomics and comfort. The C8 cockpit has a command center that includes the Chevrolet Infotainment 3 system.

The center also has Head-Up Display, a 3D enhanced navigation system, 4G LTE Wi-Fi connection and a multitude of other attributes you’ll be dying to get your hands on.

More Technological Features

The 2020 Corvette C8 has additional characteristics, including the Front Lift. The system raises the front of your Stingray by 2 inches in less than three seconds.

Yes, you read that correctly.

You can raise your car’s front end when you’re operating at low speeds and trying to clear an obstacle like a speed bump. The Front Lift uses a two-position hydraulic lifter. You can start the process manually when you reach a raised surface, or the system can remember up to 1,000 locations on your GPS.

The Performance Data Recorder is another tech feature. It’s like a digital driving coach that can capture your gear choice, acceleration, braking, sound and much more.

The C8 has plenty of other unforgettable customizations like Valet Mode, which allows you to monitor your car when others are using it.

C8 Corvette Customization

The available C8 Corvette custom parts include a list of options that will leave you excited to see them up close and personal.

To start, the 2020 Stingray has three available packages.

  • 1LT: This is the lightest option available, but it’s well equipped nonetheless. It has all-season performance tires, a Bose speaker system, 8-way power GT1 standard seats and the Corvette Driver Mode Selector to make your ride memorable each time.
  • 2LT: The 2LT has a few more comforts than the 1LT while also giving you the option to color-match the interior. It has everything the 1LT has, plus 14 Bose speakers instead of 10, GT2 seats in Napa leather, heated and vented seats, a heated steering wheel and front curb cameras.
  • 3LT: The third option is the most luxurious, with the interior wrapped in leather. It has everything the 2LT has, along with other features, such as suede-microfiber interior trims, 13 color options for the interior and a custom leather instrument panel and door.

Another customization option involves the C8’s tires. They’re available in two designs, along with two different spoke styles. You can select all-season tires that are ultra-light, measuring 19 inches in the front and 20 inches in the rear to deliver an improved ride and a reduction in noise.

The seats are also customizable. You can choose from three combinations.

  • GT1: Wrapped in Mulan leather, the GT1 is standard for the 1LT and 2LT. It’s ideal for when you travel long distances and need additional support.
  • GT2: The second option is available on the 2LT and comes standard with the 3LT Corvette. It has a carbon-fiber trim made of Napa leather. It even has a seatback halo for more head support.
  • Competition Sport: The sport version is ideal for track driving because it has aggressive bolsters.

The Z51 Performance Package

The Z51 Performance Package elevates the Stingray from a sports car to a racecar. When you upgrade your 2020 Corvette, you receive features like:

  • A front splitter
  • Enhanced cooling
  • Larger brakes
  • More agility
  • Performance exhaust
  • Racetrack-oriented tires
  • Z51-specific rear spoiler

The Magnetic Ride Control™ 4.0 comes with the Z51 package, too. It’s a damping system that can read the road and adapt to the changing conditions within 10-15 milliseconds. The engine’s suspension fluid has metal particles that can become rigid to keep the car planted on the ground. It’s also what allows the C8 to go 0-60 in less than three seconds.

Enhanced Driver Mode Selector

Finally — although the 2020 C8 Stingray still has many other notable attributes — the Driver Mode Selector is out of this world.

While the average driver mode for sports cars includes the preset tour, sport, track and weather options, the C8 has a specialized Driver Mode Selector. It has My Mode and Z-Mode as two extra possibilities. Both allow you to configure the modes yourself.

You can customize your steering, suspension and 10 other performance variables. My Mode can personalize your vehicle and will turn on every time you hit the ignition. The Z-Mode is made for single-use cases. For example, if you’re driving on a curvy road, you can configure the Corvette to handle that part of your drive, then switch back to My Mode when you’re ready.

Modified Corvette Parts

If you’re searching for more ways to personalize your C8 Corvette, Top Flight Automotive is the most trusted source for custom parts and accessories. You can customize your brake calipers, exhaust systems, pedals, car covers, lighting systems, backup cameras and more to match your lifestyle.

The C8 Corvette has an unbeatable number of customizations that can set you apart even more with your fresh set of wheels.

Corvette C8 Mid-Engine vs. Other Sports Cars

Compared to the original C1 Corvette that had a 3.9-liter inline-six engine, 2-speed automatic gears and 150 HP, the C8 blows the original out of the water. After the C1, the C2 showed up with 250 HP, along with a 5.4-liter engine. The “modern-era” Corvette, known as the C5, debuted in 1997 and had 345 HP.

The C7 vs. C8 Corvette

Each generation gained more power and success as technology continued to advance. But how does the C8 line up to the beloved C7?

Side-by-side, the C7 and C8 have similar wheelbases and the same liter engine. But some of the C8’s most prominent attributes include being the first to offer a dual-clutch automatic transmission and an increase in horsepower of 35. The C7 has 460 HP. The C8 also has a slightly better torque compared to the C7’s 465 lb.-ft.

In 3.7 seconds, the C7 can reach 60 mph, but the new 2020 version can do it in as little as 2.9 seconds — beating the previous generation by almost a full second.

The cockpit also moved forward by 16.5 inches compared to the C7 and upgraded from a 7-speed manual to an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The C8 corvette features a dual-clutch automatic transmission

The Corvette C7 and C8 prices aren’t too far off from one another. But as you might expect, the C8 price has a bit more weight behind it. The C7 generation, from 2014 to 2019, had a price range between $55,900 and $65,645. And depending on your customizations, it could be higher.

Today, the Stingray has a starting price tag of $59,995. The 2LT starts at $67,295, and the top-tier level of 3LT has a listed price of $71,945. If you want to make a few upgrades, it will cost you a bit more.

You can see how much bigger the C8 Stingray is when you relate it to its predecessors. It even gives you the view of a racecar driver not seen in other versions.

Corvette vs. Ferrari

Comparing the 2020 Stingray to the Ferrari 458, the latter doesn’t quite match up. The Ferrari has 562 HP but takes a bit more than three seconds to reach 60 mph. It also has less lb.-ft. torque at 398. The 458 has 4.5 liters and a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox. The Ferrari’s combined features cost about $230,000.

Taking notes on how the Ferrari 488 compares, you can see a massive difference in price. The 660 HP Ferrari 488 showed up on the racetrack at a whopping $250,000. However, most other mid-engine cars on the market cost about the same. The 2020 Stingray is one of the only mid-engines to have an economical price, considering its groundbreaking features.

Popular Stingray Speculations You May Find Interesting

With the new 2020 Corvette about to hit the production lines, there have been a few rumors and speculations about the car that we may need to clear up.

  • It’s true, there is no manual transmission: For the first time, the mid-engine Stingray has an automatic transmission that is often seen as a win-all or lose-all situation for die-hard fans. Some are perplexed, while others are intrigued. Chevy says it’s because of the car’s architecture constraints, but they promise an engaging new transmission.
  • It’s the first Corvette to have right-hand side steering: It’s the first of its kind to be made on the right side to expand the Stingray market to regions like the UK and Asia.
  • Jet fighters inspired the design: Chevy took an already impressive and revered design and turned it into something of their own. The 2020 C8’s interior was inspired by jet fighter planes like the F-22 and F-35.
  • It’s sold out: (Well Sort of) the first year of production said to start in February 2020 is rumored almost to be sold out. The president of North America General Motors confirmed that the first year is sold out at an allotted 40,000 models for the U.S. — before it even reached the dealerships or production lines for that matter. However, you can still reserve a C8 on the Chevy website.
  • It has a racecar-style steering wheel: The Stingray has a two-spoke steering wheel design made to reflect the feel of a racecar. It’s the first one since the fourth-generation Stingray, and it has two paddle shifters on the back.
  • The C8’s name is Stingray, not Zora: Rumors speculated about the C8 being called Zora, named after the “Father of the Corvette,” Zora Arkus-Duntov. He famously worked on the designing, engineering and racing aspects of the early developments of the Corvette from 1953-1975. However, the car will continue with Stingray, which was resurrected from the C2 when the C7 debuted.

The 2020 Stingray continues to surprise Corvette lovers and sports car enthusiasts. There is almost nothing the Chevy engineering team didn’t discover and perfect.

How to Prepare for Getting Your Hands on a 2020 Stingray

If you’re planning on buying a fresh-off-the-lot C8 Stingray, you’ll want to start chasing it down right away. Prospective buyers can reserve one via online registration through Chevy. You can indicate your state or zip code to find a participating Chevy dealership near you. The reservation fee is non-refundable.

Production of the Corvette 2020 C8 will begin in February 2020 after many months of delay, but don’t wait if you’re looking to be one of the first to drive this iconic vehicle. They may be sold out for the first year, but production doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Production of the 2020 C8 Corvette began in February 2020

Caring for Your Luxury 2020 C8 Stingray

Driving a luxury sports car is one thing, but caring for it is another. When you invest in a premier brand like Corvette, keep in mind the additional time and effort it takes to care for a pristine and high-performing machine. Because the 2020 Stingray is a revolutionary and expensive model, it’s even more imperative to care for it compared to the average vehicle.

Here are a few tips and recommendations for caring for your C8.


It’s important to invest in premium products to clean, wash, buff and wax your slick new ride — for the interior and exterior. When you skimp on top-tier solutions, you can damage the surfaces of your car.

Find a cleaning product that doesn’t scratch your C8’s paint job, along with a solution to wash your wheels. Wash your car as often as once per week to get rid of dirt and other contaminants. Use water, professional-grade soap and a microfiber towel.

You may also want to think about investing in premium leather cleaners, carpet formulas and other solutions to keep your cockpit feeling fresh. Anything containing harsh chemicals can ruin the interior components.

When in doubt, take your 2020 Stingray to a professional car cleaning service.


Regular and preventative maintenance are crucial for any vehicle you own. Make sure to check your manufacturer’s manual to learn when and how to maintain your C8 Corvette. It will give you insight into what components to focus on, when to change the oil and other preventative measures. Proper upkeep will help avoid more severe damage in the future.

Conducting DIY maintenance is an option, as is taking your Corvette to a certified dealer or mechanic for support. When you maintain your engine, tires and other parts, your Stingray will continue to operate at peak levels.


Always store your luxury Stingray in a dry and temperature-regulated area, such as a garage with concrete floors. If outside storage is your only option, invest in a car cover to protect the C8 from inclement weather, UV rays and other hazards.

If you’re storing your Corvette long-term for more than a year, think about removing the battery and keeping it on a trickle charger. Use a jack stand to lift your car off the ground to keep the pressure off your tires as well.

The necessary maintenance products will ensure your top-of-the-line Corvette stays in showroom condition, whether you take it out for the perfect Sunday drive or use it for daily travel.

Corvette Solutions When You Need Them

Top Flight Automotive offers Corvette solutions with the largest product portfolio of Corvette parts. We are part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies, accounting for 40 years of experience in the industry. Because we are passionate about the investments you make in your C8 Corvette, we deliver quality parts and accessories that often ship the same day as your order. Our parts meet or exceed original Corvette specifications, and many are OE-licensed after a demanding approval process.

Reach out to our experienced sales staff to learn more about our products or sign up for our email subscription. Top Flight Automotive has built a tremendous reputation by evolving with the current market and technology trends to support each generation of sports cars.

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