Chevrolet Camaro Hood

From the 1960s models to more recent releases, Chevy Camaros have a loyal following in the community due to their racy looks and availability in a coupe and convertible style — and did we mention the insane amount of horsepower that comes stock?

If your original hood has dents, it might be time to take on a replacement project. Top Flight Automotive makes it simple to take care of your ride with Chevrolet Camaro hood replacements at the best prices. Show the competition who’s boss with our carbon fiber hoods in factory and custom shapes.

Chevy Camaro Hoods for Vehicles Classic and New

Visit the Top Flight Automotive store for elite Camaro products. You’ll find cutting-edge technology that’s lightweight and aerodynamic for your year. Our experts are always adding Camaro hoods to our inventory from brands like American Car Craft and Dynacorn. Discover a compatible fit for your first-, second-, fifth- or sixth-generation model to get back to the road or track.

You can filter the products you see on screen with our search tools. We make it easy to shop Camaro hoods and related components for submodels like the SS and RS vehicles.

Dynacorn Cowl Induction Hoods for Chevy Camaros

Dynacorn is an industry leader in producing Camaro hoods. Here at Top Flight Automotive, we know how hard it can be to find a direct-fit hood upgrade for retired vehicles. If you have a first- or second-generation Camaro, we’re your source for cowl induction hoods for the 1967-1981 variants. Choose a replacement hood with a 2- or 4-inch opening for keeping the engine compartment cool.

All of our Dynacorn hoods exceed the specifications of stock equipment. Channel the original styles of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s pony car movement with parts you can paint any color. Most carbon fiber hoods from Top Flight Automotive are much lighter than your original hood to help you maximize performance.

We Have Chevrolet Camaro Hood Components for Sale

Sometimes your car’s hood is in great shape but the hardware rusts out. Top Flight Automotive helps you regain the functionality of your stock or aftermarket hood with all sorts of connection pieces online. Our solutions attach in factory locations for a quick installation.

Our team has you covered with everything from Dynacorn Camaro hood latch assemblies and supports to hood springs for convenience. Restore your ride so it operates just as well as it did years ago. Shop our store by your Camaro SS or RS production year to guarantee an outstanding fitment.

Order Your Chevy Camaro Hood Products Online

Top Flight Automotive is run by sports car fans like you. Our team has roughly 175 years of industry experience in total, so we understand what makes your ride special and can suggest Chevy Camaro hoods to meet your requests for style and performance. 

Purchase carbon fiber, extractor, cowl induction hoods and heat shields for your pony car all in one place. Contact our experts if you have any questions before you start your project.

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