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If you are a fan of classic sports cars, it is impossible to ignore the Chevy Camaro. Debuting back in 1966, Chevrolet introduced one of the most popular racing machines of all time to compete with Ford’s Mustang. First-generation Camaro vehicles intrigued consumers with elongated exteriors during the late 1960s, and Chevrolet shows no signs of slowing down production anytime soon with six different series available to date.

If you are a proud owner of a 1967-1992 Camaro, when was the last time you inspected the condition of your vehicle’s interior cabin? Over time, collector cars show wear and tear across dashboards, doors, seating and carpets, but Top Flight Automotive will help you bring your vehicle back to a factory-fresh state with reproduction and replacement molded dash pads. You can erase unwanted cracks, scuffs and dents inside the cockpit in no time at all with selections in all the original colors of the Chevrolet factory.


The dashboard area is one of the most commonly used surfaces in your Chevy Camaro. Whether you’re reaching for air conditioning controls, adjusting audio settings or digging through the glove compartment, this part of your vehicle is a focal point each time you settle into the cabin. All Camaro models make excellent additions to your sports car collection, but a dash pad that is dirty, peeling or has stains will diminish resale value and your level of ownership satisfaction.

Select Camaro models are over 50 years old, so there’s a good chance your factory dashboard has been exposed to UV rays, inclement weather, temperature changes, oils from the skin and more. Swapping out your Camaro dash pad is simple to do and gives you the opportunity to take control over your restoration vision, so Top Flight Automotive introduces you to products for a wide range of budgets.


Reproduction and replacement dashes at Top Flight Automotive are the easiest way to bring your Camaro back to life. Depending on your preference for restoration, reproduction products consist of the same materials used at the Chevrolet factory. Our manufacturers mold reproduction dashes with vinyl and ABS materials, durable substrates and a foam core for an OEM-inspired look and feel.

If you enter your 1960s, 1970s, 1980s or 1990s Chevrolet muscle car into judging competitions, our reproduction line is the closest you can get to a “stock” assembly no longer in production. Additionally, our experts also supply replacement dash pads for those on a strict budget. Replacement dash pads offer all the same benefits of reproduction products but are crafted using alternative methods and feature urethane heat-resistant materials. We offer a perfect fit for every detail including steering column fixtures and control module features such as radio knobs, cigarette lighters, dash air vents and other parts of the control panel. We also offer Camaro center dash options for a complete assembly. 

Dash panel kit assemblies include everything you need for a successful installation. Orders ship with instructions and all necessary hardware based on make, model and year. If necessary, factory mounting clips may be transferred to your upgraded dash.

Bring your restoration vision to life with dash pads in Chevrolet original colors such as:

  • Black
  • Light blue
  • Dark aqua
  • Green
  • Red
  • Gold
  • Turquoise
  • And more


Top Flight Automotive understands that no two Camaro owners are exactly alike. All of our customers have different expectations for restoration and upgrade projects, so we provide recommendations after hearing more about your vehicle and your plans for it. Our sales representatives are available during normal business hours to take your call and will give you insight on reproduction versus replacement Camaro dash covers.

Generally, reproduction options appeal to those that want a historically accurate vehicle. Our exact reproduction Camaro dash pads save you from settling for a used dashboard assembly and sit at a higher price point thanks to our attention to detail during the manufacturing process. Top Flight Automotive is known for our outstanding reproduction selections, making us the obvious choice for restoration specialists around the world.

If you use a classic or modern Camaro as a daily driver, one of our replacement dash pads is a great choice for prolonged durability. Place an order for a factory-inspired color or go with something entirely new to turn heads everywhere you go.


The Chevy Camaro has changed drastically over its lifetime. Each vehicle generation brings all-new body shapes, interior color selections and layouts for consumers to choose from. Here at Top Flight Automotive, we know that collectors and restoration specialists like to stay efficient, so we enable you to replace your Camaro dashboard with installations you can complete in just a few hours.

From front-facing vent trim pieces to passenger-side surfaces, we help you to change out worn sections with products that drop in place for a precise fit. By clicking on any of our dashboard listings, you can learn more about product dimensions, weights and finishes to guide your installation.


Mounting your all-new dashboard assembly will require the removal of your original installation. Each Camaro generation is slightly different from the next, so it is best to follow the included instructions with your order. Aftermarket Camaro dash pads from Top Flight Automotive install without the need for interior modifications and lock into place via mounting clips and screws for convenience.

Most kits arrive with pre-drilled holes that align with the fastener locations seen on your factory assembly.


Top Flight Automotive is thrilled to be part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies. With a focus on interior, exterior and performance parts, several of our experts have been serving the Chevrolet community for over 40 years. We welcome customers to give us a call during our normal business hours for assistance with product compatibility and restoration projects large and small.

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