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How to Prepare Your Classic Corvette for Winter

August 12, 2020

How to Prepare Your Classic Corvette for Winter

Winter represents a challenge for many classic Corvette drivers. These powerful, sporty vehicles weren’t built for the harsh conditions of winter. If you want to keep your car in the best condition possible, you’ll have to consider whether you want to drive your Corvette or keep it in storage until the roads are clear and the weather is warm.

Regardless of which option you choose, you can take plenty of action to prepare your classic Corvette for winter storage or driving.

Prepare Your Corvette for Winter Driving

Driving a classic Corvette in winter can be easier when you take a few steps to make sure your car is in optimal condition for slick roads and snow. Below you can find some of the main ways you can get your Corvette ready for driving in winter:

1. Inspect/Replace Tires

Having a high degree of traction is crucial for driving in winter conditions. You don’t want to be slipping around the road, so older tires with worn-down tread aren’t going to be acceptable. Since Corvettes are sports cars, they often don’t come with tires made to handle slick winter conditions.

Because old tires reduce traction and some standard Corvette tires aren’t well-suited for winter driving, it’s a great idea to purchase new classic Corvette winter tires. With new tires, you can ensure your wheels have the traction necessary to stay safe on the road. You can also find Corvette tires specially designed for greater traction — ideal for winter conditions.

2. Check Your Lights

Another aspect of your Corvette you need to make sure is in top condition before you hit the winter roads is your lights. If it starts to snow while you’re driving, you need your lights to be functioning at a top level.

To make sure you’ll be highly visible at night or in the snow, inspect our vehicle to see if all exterior and interior lights are working as intended. Also, look to see if your turn signals are working. Store some extra light bulbs in your Corvette in case your lights fail while out on the road.

3. Protect Doors and Windshield

In the winter, doors and locks can freeze up. To stop your doors from freezing, you can place a thin coat of petroleum jelly on the door’s rubber seals. For door locks, you can spray WD-40 into the Corvette’s door locks to stop them from freezing.

You also need to make sure your windshield wiper blades have the flexibility and strength to handle freezing rain and snow. Ensure your windshield washer fluid is An “All Season” mix or rated to use in low temperatures. Remember the main goal is to help keep your windshield free from snow and ice.

4. Review Your Battery’s Status

Long-term storage in cold weather can have a negative effect on batteries. As such, you should get your battery checked before the winter season starts to see if you’re going to require a replacement soon. Additionally, using a good battery tender can keep your battery fresh for when you are ready to hit the road.


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Classic Corvette Winter Storage Tips

Some drivers won’t want to drive their Corvette in harsh winter conditions, especially if roads are icy. They don’t want salt and dirt constantly kicking up onto their classic car, possibly harming the car’s paint job or doing extra damage to various parts. For this reason, many Corvette owners choose to store their classic cars for the winter.

Check out some of the best practices for storing your Corvette in the winter:

1. Interior and Exterior Cleaning

If you decide to store your Corvette in either a garage or specialty storage location, you should clean it thoroughly before placing it in storage. Dirt and other contaminants can become acidic and end up harming your vehicle’s paint if you leave them there all winter long. Pay special attention to cleaning the wheels, tires and brakes since grime and oxidation can build up.

Contaminants left inside your vehicle can also damage your car’s interior if you leave them there all winter long. You should pay special attention to any leather in your interior, making sure to clean it with a specialty leather cleaner. To clean your Corvette appropriately, make sure you have the best classic Corvette cleaning products to help you. You can even invest in a Corvette cleaning caddy to keep your materials in one place.

2. Polish and Wax Classic Corvette

After you’ve given your Corvette a thorough washing, you can polish and wax your classic car to give it more protection. The polish will give the car an attractive glazed look. The wax then seals the paint and offers some protection to your Corvette’s finish. Make sure you get the best products by selecting a specialty polish and wax kit.

3. Invest in and Use Car Covers

When you’re planning on storing your classic Corvette or only driving it occasionally during the winter, you should protect your car with a specially designed car cover. Winter covers for classic Corvettes protect your prized vehicle from damage. After you’ve spent time cleaning and waxing the exterior of the car, you don’t want it to get dirty or damaged while in storage.

In a storage facility or garage, your Corvette is going to be susceptible to dust and unpredictable circumstances. In a garage, you could accidentally scuff your car or scratch it if you leave it sitting there without any protection. A sitting car, like any other object, will accumulate dust if it’s untouched or unused for a while. A cover keeps the dust away, which over time, can damage your paint and other parts of your vehicle.

If you take your car on the road over the winter, you can use a cover to prevent damage and dirt when you park the vehicle outdoors. In almost any situation, a high-quality cover for your Corvette is an excellent investment.

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