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Many sports cars are engineered with targa tops — devices that give you the look of a convertible but with a rear window or plastic screen. Vehicles like the Chevy Corvette and Ford Mustang are notorious for having targa tops, especially across older generations.

When you’d like to service your vehicle’s original equipment manufacturer (OEM) setup or change the look of your ride, look no further than our site for targa top parts. Top Flight Automotive is a dependable source for aftermarket technology that resembles what came stock on your sports car.

Targa Top Components You Can Trust

The targa top is your vehicle’s main line of defense against rain and pollutants. Purchasing the best components on the market to maintain this portion of your Corvette or Mustang is necessary for peace of mind. Make cabin leaks and whistling sounds into problems of the past using technology from Trim Parts, Daniel Carpenter, General Motors, CA and Auto Accessories of America.

Targa top solutions in our catalog are manufactured from durable materials, including acrylics, carbon fiber and fiberglass. We help you fix and replace multiple surfaces and connections with direct-fit targa top offerings available in Chevrolet- and Ford-inspired colors.

Replacement Targa Top Roof Panels

Dealing with a worn roof? Top Flight Automotive saves your vehicle from cabin damage with targa roof panel replacements produced with your choice of fiberglass or carbon fiber materials. Whether you want a sleek targa top that is all one color or an assembly with painted accents, you’ll see several attractive options for Corvettes.

Solar Shades for Targa Tops

Some targa tops allow you to see out from the roof area, letting UV rays and heat enter the cabin. You can combat the heat and stay comfortable during the warmer months with targa top solar shades from Top Flight Automotive. Our team carries listings that follow Corvette attachments’ contours and dimensions. Some solutions brought to you by CA consist of vinyl films you can remove anytime.

Targa Top Roof Latches for Sale

Targa top roof panels rely on hardware pieces and latches to stay put. Pick up replacement targa top roof latches that look just like OEM parts in color, size and texture. Solutions available from Trim Parts fit specific Corvette years, so you can complete your project without modifications.

Fix the roof latches on your sports car as well as the roof latch trim plates that cover connections from the elements. We bring you offerings made by Auto Accessories of America that give your ride a complete look. Choose roof latch assemblies designed for several Corvette generations.

Work With Top Flight Automotive for Targa Tops and Parts Today

Shopping with Top Flight Automotive makes sense, as our site is home to a growing portfolio of parts and accessories for famous sports cars. Many items in our catalog are in stock now, which helps you complete jobs on an efficient timeline. We’re your one-stop shop for interior and exterior solutions compatible with your ride. Purchase aftermarket targa tops and components from our site today.

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