Mesh Screens for Grilles, Intakes, Vents & More


Capturing dirt, insects, debris and mud around your sports car keeps the engine compartment clean. Components like grille screens protect your vehicle. These attachments define your automobile’s appearance and act as barriers between the elements and the systems your car relies on for power.¬†

Top Flight Automotive carries stock-style and custom screens for vehicles like the Chevy Corvette. Repair or personalize your ride.

Sports Car Screens Made With Durable Materials

Our team carries more than one aftermarket screen for daily drivers and retired sports cars. Many vehicles on the road and race track are equipped with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) screens made of plastic. Over time, plastic screens fall victim to UV rays and moisture, resulting in cracks.

We sell screens and grilles made with mesh, aluminum and stainless steel. Decide on exterior accessories with your choice of a black, clear gloss or natural finish.

Types of Screens Available

At Top Flight Automotive, we assist you in upgrading sections of your sports car. You’ll find a wide range of options you can fasten on in minutes for protection and cosmetic appeal. Choose our site for engine air intake hose debris screens, front grille screens and bug grille screen kits.

Engine Air Intake Hose Debris Screens for Sale

Help air reach your car’s engine compartment without sacrificing protection. You can rely on Top Flight Automotive for cold air grilles with screen kits that integrate close to Chevrolet Corvette headlights.

Devices in our catalog developed by CA can potentially increase horsepower, as there is more room for fresh air to enter the engine bay. Stop hot air from circulating under the hood with add-ons that make base C5 (1997-2004) Corvettes resemble Z06 models.

Car Mesh Screen Accents

Want to fill space on the front of your sports car? Remember Top Flight Automotive for car mesh screen accessories you can fasten in the front license plate area. The listings available from Auto Accessories of America are perfect for weekend racers like fifth-gen Corvettes. Change the look of your vehicle for something that will get other enthusiasts talking.

Winter and Insect Grille Screen Kits

Your sports car’s engine bay is no place for bugs and grime. Our catalog is home to numerous winter and insect grille screen kits to shield your radiator from contaminants. Thanks to our selections, you can put your best foot forward by keeping OEM connections clear of muck and debris.

Most grille screen kits in stock are engineered for C3-C8 Chevy Corvettes. Incorporate updated grille screens without modifying your ride. Whether you own a base, Grand Sport or Z06 Corvette, Top Flight Automotive sells compatible solutions to prolong the life of stock components.

Shop With Top Flight Automotive for Grille Screens

Top Flight Automotive is run by industry experts who work on sports cars just like you. We’re passionate about introducing you to direct-fit parts and accessories for noteworthy models. You can take projects into your own hands since we sell offerings suitable for all experience levels. Purchase the custom mesh grille accessories you want from our catalog today.

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