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Window Scratch Removal Do’s and Don’ts for Vintage Mustangs

September 09, 2022

Vintage Mustangs are iconic vehicles. With its sharp designs and legendary reputation, the Mustang is one of the most sought-after vehicles out there. If you own a vintage Mustang, you’re likely trying to keep it in the best shape possible to get the most value from it.

Whether you’re looking to sell it or just want to keep admiring its appearance for years to come, you’ll want to watch for some common issues that come with these vehicles — like vintage Mustang window scratches.

Impact of Window Scratches

Window scratches might seem like a small issue to begin with, but they have far-reaching consequences you may not even be aware of until later. Here are just a few.

Decreases Visibility

Window scratches can greatly decrease your visibility on the roads. Even if it’s a small knick or line, that little discrepancy can knock off your focus and be the difference between getting into an accident and staying safe on the roads. Also, the sunlight can catch those scratches and reflect into your eyes, making it hard to see.

Vintage cars don’t have the innovative safety technology seen on today’s market, so it’s especially important to take care of those scratches to retain safety in your Mustang.

Creates Distraction

It may not seem like those auto glass cracks would even be visible while you’re driving. When you’re on the roads and staring at your windshield for minutes at a time, however, they start to become clearer — and even distracting. Distraction can be dangerous when driving, so be sure to quickly find a solution to any cracks that appear.

Hurts Appearance

Window scratches will also impact the overall appearance of your vintage Mustang. Even if the rest of your vehicle is in great shape and waxed clean, those scratches can still hurt its look and unintentionally draw eyes. With a clean windshield free from marks and chips, you can be proud of your Mustang and won’t be focused on those small details that take away from its looks.

Leads to Larger Repairs

Small scratches can soon spread and start taking over the rest of your windshield like spiderwebs. Once a crack forms, it’s easy for dirt and other contaminants to get in between the cracked glass and start pushing it apart.

One tiny scratch in your windshield could lead to you replacing the entire windshield. You can combat this by taking care of scratches early or using preventative methods to stop them from happening.

Lowers Car Value

Those scratches on your vintage Mustang windows will hurt its appearance, decrease visibility and cost money to fix — meaning a decrease in your Mustang’s overall value. If you’re looking to sell your car in the near future, you’ll want to take care of your Mustang windows before you sell the vehicle to a potential buyer, or factor those damages into the listing price.

What to Do for Window Scratches

With all the above impacts, you may be wondering how to fix a car window crack. Using a few simple steps, you can effectively take care of window scratches on your own and avoid costly repairs and even accidents on the roads. Follow these easy tips to figure out how to fix a car window crack.

1. Examine the Damage

The first thing you’ll want to do during auto glass repair is to examine the extent of the damage. Look at your window straight on. Does it have a simple, small scratch? You can probably handle this on your own. If the damage is more extensive — like various webs of scratches stretching out over the landscape of your glass — you may want to consider contacting a repair shop or doing a window replacement.

The depth of the auto glass scratch will also tell you a lot. If it’s a surface scratch that isn’t deep enough to catch your fingernail, you can likely make it disappear with some easy steps. Deeper scratches will require more technical expertise.

This first step is crucial to the rest of your repairs. If the scratch is too deep or the damage too extensive, you may be wasting your time with a repair. Make sure the scratch is shallow and simple enough that your work can be effective.

2. Choose Your Glass-Repair Product

Your next step will be to find which glass-repair product you’ll use to fix those scratches. You have a few different options to choose from:

  • Clear acrylic nail polish: Probably the most common and simplest method, clear acrylic nail polish will fill the scratch when applied and will dry clear to create a transparent appearance.
  • Cerium oxide: For deeper and more serious scratches, cerium oxide is a great solution. Cerium oxide will help bond the glass and is commonly used for jewelry repairs. Although it’s effective, you may not have this repair product readily on hand, so consider buying it.
  • Whitening toothpaste: Interestingly, whitening toothpaste is also an effective method for repairing scratches in your window. Find some toothpaste and baking soda and apply it to the scratch — it may be just the solution you need. It’s also one of the most convenient repair products out there, as you’ll likely have it in your bathroom.

It can be helpful to research these various materials and also consider convenience when choosing the right repair product.

3. Gather Your Materials

Once you’ve determined the product you’ll be using for repairs, gather your materials for the repair project. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Water
  • Soft cloths
  • Bowls
  • Tape
  • Glass cleaner
  • Spatula
  • Your chosen glass repair product

Be sure to have all of these materials readily on hand so you won’t have to leave and go get them during repairs. Ensure convenience throughout the process so you can make this fix go as smoothly as possible.

4. Clean Thoroughly

Before you start repairs, clean the scratched area thoroughly with glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Doing so will remove any dirt and debris that may interfere with the repair. You can wait to clean the entire window or windshield until after you’re done since you’ll likely get fingerprints on the glass during the process.

5. Outline the Scratch

You can use tape or a dry erase marker to outline the scratched area before you begin, which will help you keep track of the area you’re working on. If it’s a very small scratch, it will likely be hard to see in certain lighting. Make sure you’re working under good light and carefully outline the scratch so you can make repairs easily.

6. Prepare Solution

Next, prepare your repair solution. This procedure will vary a bit based on the substance you’re using. If it’s an acrylic product, the process is simple — just apply some to the scratch, and you should be good to go.

For cerium oxide, mix the powder with water in a small bowl. The powder should form a gluelike substance that you can apply to the scratch. If it becomes too dry, add some more water to the solution.

With toothpaste, combine baking soda and toothpaste in a bowl, add water and mix.

7. Apply

When the mixture is ready, apply some to the scratch. Make sure you’re being gentle and thorough as you apply. Carefully applying the substance will ensure you’re filling that gap in the glass without harming it further. Go over the affected area a couple of times and let it dry. Again, the application process for those various materials will differ slightly.

For clear acrylic, you can simply fill in the crack, wipe away any excess and let it dry. For cerium oxide and toothpaste, it’s best to continually buff the area while you continue to add the mixture. Add the mixture to a cloth and apply, then buff. Repeat this until your windshield or window has a smooth, clear appearance.

Be careful while you’re applying these various repair mixtures, and stick to one area while you do so. If you accidentally apply a solution to a different part of your glass, you may create more scratches.

8. Clean Again

When you’re finished and the glass looks good, you can then clean the rest of the glass. Dry thoroughly and then inspect the glass again to ensure scratches are gone. You should have a clear, clean window free from those small distractions.

What Not to Do for Window Scratches

Maybe even more important than figuring out how to fix a crack in your window is understanding what not to do during a Mustang window scratch repair. With repairs, it can be easy to mistakenly make a repair job into an even bigger issue. Stay away from these mistakes the next time you repair a window scratch to avoid making any extra work for yourself.

Don’t Use Harmful Chemicals

Clear acrylic, cerium oxide and white toothpaste are all safe to use on your vintage Mustang window. While cerium oxide may be harder to find, acrylic and toothpaste should be convenient alternatives you can use for repairs. Avoid using any other solutions that you might believe to be effective — these could harm your window and leave lasting adverse effects.

Stick to the materials that work and rely on these to get the job done. With vulnerable materials like glass, it’s better to be on the safer side.

Don’t Apply Excessive Pressure

You should also avoid being overly rough when repairing scratches. All you’ll need is a gentle, steady hand and some precision to fill the crack and make your window clear again.

Don’t Harm Other Areas of Your Glass

Be mindful of the area you’re working on. Use tape to mark off a specific area and stick to that spot, keeping your materials away from the glass around it to avoid affecting other parts of your glass. If you’re using various tools, marking off the scratched spot is especially important — you want to avoid making more knicks or scratches in your glass.

Don’t Rush Through the Process

Repairing vintage Mustang scratches requires patience and thoroughness — two aspects you might miss if you rush through the process. Put aside a decent amount of time and make sure you’re being patient and methodical throughout the entire repair. When you’re done, clean the entire window and inspect it to ensure those scratches are gone.

Don’t Undertake an Impossible Job

Sometimes window repair jobs are just too difficult to solve with some home remedies. If your scratches are very deep or have spread over the entire window, you probably won’t be able to fix them with simple substances. Before you dive into a job that will cost you time and energy, you may want to consider its scope.

If you think the job requires more expertise than you have, consider contacting a repair shop or looking at some replacements.

Top Flight Automotive’s Vintage Mustang Parts

Scratches on your vintage Mustang can be a burden on your vehicle, as they may impact visibility and contribute to an accident on the road. To prevent this, you can try to take care of these scratches on your own. In some cases, this may be a viable strategy. A little clear acrylic or whitening toothpaste could be all you need to get your window clear again.

In other cases, however, you may need a more serious repair to fix a car window scratch. You could even need a vintage Mustang window reproduction, which can restore your vehicle’s window to its original clear appearance. When you decide you need to replace your window, it’s important to find a trusted car part provider than can give you what you need.

Top Flight Automotive is the car part provider you’re looking for. With a vast selection of parts and quality products, we’ll offer you many advantages not found with other sellers:

  • Convenience: Avoid going through various independent sellers to find one exact part. Top Flight Automotive offers you one convenient spot where you can find everything you need. Just browse our online shop or talk to one of our team members to find what your job requires quickly.
  • Experience: Top Flight Automotive has been in the car industry for decades, so we know what it takes to deliver quality products and excellent customer service to our clients. We’re the trusted car part provider that offers quality Mustang components.
  • Reliability: You can have confidence in the products you buy from Top Flight Automotive. We make sure everything you purchase is reliable and long-lasting so you can avoid repairs.

For those times when you can’t repair those auto window scratches, Top Flight Automotive is your reliable option for car part replacements.

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If your window has a scratch, the minor repairs we reviewed above may be just the thing you need to restore your Mustang. Top Flight Automotive can help you when you might need something a little more. With our huge selection of quality car parts, you can browse Top Flight Automotive and talk with our experienced sales team to find what you’re looking for.

When replacements are necessary, find a reliable company that can get you quality parts. Top Flight Automotive is your place for vintage Mustang restoration products. Shop online today!

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