How to Measure Your Corvette's Tire and Wheel Fitment

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How to Measure Your Corvette’s Tire and Wheel Fitment

September 06, 2023

If you are looking to upgrade the wheels on your Corvette, you will need to understand how to measure the tire and wheel fitment first. Fitment refers to how a wheel fits within the wheel well. Luckily, the measurement process is straightforward and does not require many tools. By keeping a few key considerations in mind, you can find the best wheel size for your ride. 

We are breaking down everything you need to know about taking these measurements and finding the right fit for your ride.

What to Measure for Your Corvette’s Tire and Wheel Fitment

When finding the right tire and wheel fitment for your Corvette, you’ll want to consider a few different features and their dimensions. 

What to Measure for Your Corvette's Tire and Wheel Fitment

The following are the key components that you will measure in order to find the right size tires and wheels for your car:

  • Wheel diameter: You will need to find the diameter across the center portion of your wheel or rim. Choosing a wheel that is too large or small will impact your Corvette’s performance and appearance. 
  • Wheel width: If you are getting new wheels for your vehicle, you’ll also need to measure the rim’s width too. If the wheel is too wide, it will rub against the car’s fender.
  • Wheel offset: The offset refers to the gap between the wheel’s center line and the hub mounting surface. Getting the right offset is key. The wrong size can cause the tires and wheel to rub against your Corvette’s suspension.
  • Wheel backspacing: Backspacing is often mistakenly confused with wheel offset, but the two are different. This is the distance between the rim’s flange and the wheel’s mounting surface. 

Having the right amount of clearance around the tire and wheel is essential. Too much or too little space will directly impact how your Corvette looks and drives. 

You will need a couple of basic instruments to take these important wheel and tire fitment measurements. A standard ruler or measuring tape will suffice for gathering all the necessary dimensions. A helpful tip for getting started is to record each measurement as you go. This will help to ensure that you have the accurate dimensions needed to choose the best replacement wheels for your vehicle. Some installers like to use multiple rulers or a straight edge to guide their measurements and maintain the greatest accuracy. 

When replacing the wheels on your Chevrolet Corvette, consider using a wheel hanger. This is a handy tool that makes installing upgrades easier than ever by holding the wheel in place while you remove the lug bolts. 

How to Measure Your Corvette’s Tire and Wheel Fitment

As you prepare to replace your Corvette’s wheels, a few key considerations will ensure you take precise measurements of the correct parts. Getting your dimensions wrong by even just a few millimeters can negatively impact your car, so it is important to be mindful as you record each number. 

The following are helpful instructions for measuring various components for your Chevrolet Corvette’s tire and wheel fitment:

  • Lift your Corvette with a jack stand: Before taking any measurements, you will need to lift your Corvette with a jack stand. This is how you will get the most accurate insight into your vehicle’s dimensions. 
  • Secure the front wheels: Secure your Corvette’s front wheels and double-check with your manual to see where to position your jack stand. Always utilize a block or pad between the jack and your Corvette to avoid damage. 
  • Check the jack is properly positioned: Ensure the vehicle is adequately supported by the jack and that its weight is on the suspension before moving on. 

How to Measure Wheel Width

Width is a crucial measurement to consider when installing replacement wheels. If they are too wide, the tires may rub against your car’s fender wells or suspension components, leading to damage. 

You’ll want to find the distance specifically between the wheel’s bead seat walls. Measuring from side to side on the rim is a common mistake, but this will not give you an accurate reading. 

How to Measure Wheel Width

To determine the right wheel width, put the wheel on a level surface and measure the distance between the inner lip flanges. 

How to Measure Wheel Diameter

Similarly to wheel width, finding the diameter of your rim requires some extra care. When taking this measurement, you’ll want to find the bead seat diameter. Do not measure across from outer edge to outer edge — this will give you an inaccurate reading. 

Instead, you will need to measure across the hoop of the wheel. Use your measuring tape or ruler and record the distance from one bead seat to the opposing bead seat. 

How to Measure Wheel Offset

You’ll also need to measure the wheel offset to determine the right fitment. A car’s offset refers to the distance from the wheel’s mounting surface to the centerline of the wheel’s width. 

A car will have zero offset if the wheel’s center lines up with the hub contact surface, and the wheel’s offset will be negative if the hub mounting surface is aligned nearer to the rear wheel rim. 

To measure for wheel offset, find the distance between the wheel’s mounting hub surface and its centerline. 

How to Measure Wheel Backspacing

You need to understand wheel offset before learning how to measure rim backspacing. The two are very similar measurements, but backspacing refers to the distance between the wheel’s hub mounting surface and the wheel’s back edge rather than its centerline. 

Higher backspace typically means more space between the fender and the wheel. While you can physically measure this distance, you can also utilize an easy calculation to determine wheel backspacing: 

  • Find the measurements for both the rim width and the offset. 
  • Add one inch to the rim width. 
  • Divide that figure by two to determine the centerline. 
  • Convert the offset into inches if it is recorded in millimeters. 

For a positive offset, add the offset in millimeters to the wheel’s centerline. For a negative offset, subtract the offset measurement. These calculations will give you your backspacing number.

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