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2020 Corvette Stingray vs. 2020 Toyota Supra: Head-To-Head Comparison

June 26, 2020

2020 C8 Corvette vs 2020 Toyota Supra

The 2020 Corvette Stingray and the 2020 Toyota Supra are welcome additions to the sports car scene. The Toyota GR Supra is a revival of a long-stagnant Toyota model, while the C8 is the first mid-engine model in Corvette’s storied history. They are both quite new, and because of this, they are often compared. Both of the sports cars bring with them their own advantages that buyers should consider before they decide on either vehicle.

If you’re in the market for a new sports car, you should do your research on each vehicle’s capabilities. From their performance and fuel economy to their exterior features and interior features, there are a variety of factors that buyers need to be fully informed of before they make a decision.

2020 Toyota Supra vs. 2020 Corvette Origins

The 2020 Corvette Stingray is the first offering in the C8 generation of Corvettes. The C8 generation of Corvette represented a major shift in the sports car. The first seven generations of Corvettes ran on a front-engine with rear-drive. The C8 saw a change to the engine’s location, as Chevrolet redesigned the new Corvette to have a mid-engine.

The change to a mid-engine resulted in Corvette improving its driving dynamics and balance. Though the engine’s positioning changed, the C8 still runs on a V8 engine called the LT2, which is a direct descendant of the LT1 engine of the C7. With all of these changes, the C8 provides more power than the C7 and is an exceptional sports car that many buyers are excited to get their hands on.

One of the 2020 Corvette’s main competitors is the Toyota GR Supra. While the Supra used to be a mainstay in Toyota’s lineup, with four generations of the sports car produced between 1978 through 2002, it’s production halted for a bit of time following its fourth generation. After an over 15-year hiatus, the new Toyota GR Supra is carrying on the Supra name, launching the Supra model into its fifth generation.

Much of the Toyota GR Supra borrows from its German relative, the BMW Z4, sharing almost all of the German vehicle’s mechanical components. One major similarity is the use of an excellent turbocharged 3.0 liter inline-6 engine. To differentiate it from the BMW, Toyota redesigned the car’s exterior and made adjustments to the vehicle’s interior.

Regardless of which camp you might lean toward, there are some similarities between both of the vehicle types. The Supra and the Corvette are both a 2-seat rear-wheel-drive sports cars that come with automatic transmissions and are built for high performance. As a result of the high performance, the vehicles are built with precise steering and top-tier brakes that provide the speed and agility needed for drivers to feel fully in control. Either car also has a restricted outward vision and a low seating position.

Both vehicles are an attempt to spice up some of the longest-running vehicle types, with each providing their own advantages. While there will be committed fans in either camp, there are many objective factors that play into determining which car is better.

C8 Corvette vs. Supra 2020 Performance

One of the primary ways you can evaluate the GR Supra or the Corvette is through each vehicle’s performance. Before you choose between either vehicle, take some time to learn more about the Supra and the C8’s performance.

The Corvette runs on a 6.2-liter V8 engine that puts an impressive amount of power in the hands of drivers. The Corvette’s horsepower clocks in at 490 hp at 6,450 rpm and a torque of 465 lb.-ft. at 5,150 rpm. You can upgrade the Corvette with an optional power performance exhaust that raises the vehicle’s capacity to 495 hp and 470 lb.-ft.

In contrast, the Supra provides drivers a respectable 335 hp and 365 lb.-ft. of torque from the 3.0-liter inline-6 engine. Additionally, the Corvette features an 8-Speed dual-clutch transmission, while the Supra offers an 8-speed automatic.

c8 corvette vs 2020 toyota supra performance

If you ever take your car down to the track for a sprint, you’ll want to pick the Corvette over the Supra. Due to how much more power the Corvette offers, it handily beats the Supra in terms of its 0-60 ability. The Corvette goes from 0-60 in 2.9 seconds, while the Supra reaches the same speed in 4.1 seconds.

The Corvette’s engine power allows for greater top speeds than the Supra as well. Toyota’s sports car tops out at 155 mph, which is respectable, but it won’t be winning any races any time soon. It should be noted, however, that this top speed is electrically limited, with estimates suggesting that the top speed can reach 175 mph with the limiter removed. The Corvette, in contrast, has no limiter and gets to almost 200 mph, with the top speed clocking in at 194 mph.

2020 Corvette vs. 2020 Supra Fuel Economy and Range

Though the Corvette takes the lead when it comes to engine power and performance, the Supra’s fuel economy is the clear winner. The Corvette offers a combined city/highway mpg of 19, with 15 mpg in the city and 27 mpg on the highway. In contrast, the Supra offers a whopping combined city/highway 26 mpg, with 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway. These numbers clearly show that the Supra offers the greater fuel economy.

As for the fuel range, the Corvette takes the lead. On the highway, the Corvette can go 500 miles using a single tank. This exceptional fuel range is no doubt a result of its tanks that can hold 18.6 gallons of gas. The Supra’s total range is hampered by a smaller gas tank that comes in at 13.7 gallons, providing a fuel range of 424 miles on the highway.

It’s likely that you’re not buying a sports car for the fuel economy, but some buyers might be enticed by the lower fuel costs for the 2020 Supra. Additionally, the difference of 76 miles in terms of range will also likely not be a huge decision maker for any consumer trying to choose between the cars. As such, the Supra’s greater fuel economy and comparable range make it the better option in terms of fuel.

Supra vs. C8 Corvette Exterior

It’s hard to determine which car’s exterior looks better than the other, as the visual appeal of either car isn’t so concrete as horsepower or some other marker. Both of the cars look different, and car owners will likely be divided on which car is more attractive.

The Stingray goes with a canopy-forward design that draws inspiration from Formula One race cars and fighter jets. These design influences are quite apt due to the car’s power. The Supra draws on its fourth-generation models for inspiration, with the ducktail spoiler and double-bubble roof reminding Supra enthusiasts of the classic design.

The C8 also offers a convertible option for the vehicle’s trim, making it a popular choice for those who like to ride with the top down. The Supra doesn’t offer a convertible option, so this may be a key point for those who want the flexibility of a convertible. If you want a convertible, the Stingray is a clear better choice, but for those who want a coupe, the appearance of either is going to be a toss-up based on a consumer’s tastes.

Toyota Supra vs. Corvette C8 Interior

The designs of the interior are also somewhat subjective in determining which is better. The Stingray makes a bold statement with its interior. Like its exterior design that draws on fighter jets for its inspiration, the interior of the Stingray is made to resemble the cockpit of a plane. It has controls mounted vertically across the vehicle’s tunnel and a square steering wheel.

Toyota supra vs corvette c8 interior

The Supra plays it safe by sticking with an interior that largely resembles its cousin the BMW Z4, which, from most accounts, looks good, but can be a disappointment for drivers who wanted the design to be something that differentiated the Supra from its German counterpart. There are a few basic interior color choices that the Supra offers as well, but these options pale in comparison to the various color options offered by the Corvette C8.

For those who care about personalization, the varied interior color palette, six-seat belt colors, three different kinds of seats and two sticking packages make the C8 the better choice. The tan color choice is especially attractive if you want to give the Corvette’s interior a luxury feel.

Additionally, the space in both of the two-seaters is at a premium, without much difference between the two. The headroom and legroom of the front of the Corvette are 37.9 inches and 42.8 inches, respectively. For the Supra, the vehicle has a front headroom of 38.3 inches with 42 inches of front legroom. The shoulder room of either vehicle is nearly identical, with the Corvette clocking in at 54.4 inches and the Supra at 54.5 inches.

Besides the space at the front of the car for the driver and passenger, there are also some minor cargo space differences between the two as well. The EPA cargo volume for the Corvette offers 12.6 cubic feet, while the EPA cargo volume for the Supra sits at 10.2 cubic feet.

The look of each interior will appeal to different sensibilities amongst consumers, but the extra personalization options and bold design choices for the Corvette give it the edge here.

2020 Corvette vs. Supra Safety

As technology continues to advance, there are more and more safety features available for engineers to add to vehicles and make sports cars safer to drive. The Supra certainly has taken the opportunity to add a variety of safety features.

In a Supra, you’ll find automatic high-beam headlights, pre-collision systems, pedestrian detection and lane departure warning. These features are all excellent and can be quite helpful in making the vehicle safer to drive. The Corvette’s standard safety features include an HD rear vision camera, active handling stability features, daytime running lamps, rear park assist and blind-spot monitoring for 2LT and 3LT trims. Additionally, the Corvette comes with traction control that can be especially helpful on tight turns.

The Supra has an edge here in terms of safety features, but there are tradeoffs between the two, so it’s important to evaluate either option based on what you think will be most valuable to you as a driver. Additionally, you can find optional safety features for either vehicle if you want more security on the road.

Supra vs. Corvette 2020 Pricing

Both the Supra and the Corvette are affordable sports cars. The 2020 Corvette starts at $58,900, with many build options available that can raise the price while adding new features and abilities to it. The Toyota GR Supra is almost $10,000 cheaper than the Corvette, as it starts at $49,990. Like the Corvette, the GR Supra can be modified to include a variety of other features not seen in the base model.

2020 corvette pricing vs 2020 Toyota supra pricing

Due to the lower cost of the Supra, it may appeal more to buyers who are on a tighter budget. However, the car has been noted for its many vents that don’t do anything and the empty spaces in the vehicle.

These useless features of the car are intentional, as the company wanted the vehicle to be easily modified by aftermarket parts. It’s important to keep in mind when you’re entering into the Corvette C8 vs. Supra debate that, even though a Supra is less expensive, you may end up paying more for aftermarket parts and installation costs.

For the small fraction of car enthusiasts who like to modify their cars on their own, some may also prefer the car with the cheaper base model since they’re planning on modifying the car on their own. However, the Corvette is still a relatively low-cost sports car, and many will see the performance benefits it provides as worth the extra money. The significant increase in horsepower and torque are key selling points for the Corvette, making it worth the price.

2020 Supra vs. Corvette: Who Wins?

While the Toyota GR Supra was a strong revival of Toyota’s classic sports coupe, it doesn’t pack enough value and performance into it to unseat the 2020 Corvette. There’s a reason that critics across the automobile industry have been raving about the C8 generation of Corvettes.

The strong performance from the 2020 Corvette and the many customization options it offers make it the clear winner over the Supra. Though the Supra is a solid car on its own, it certainly doesn’t offer the same level of power and customization as the Corvette.

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