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The Onyx Satin Indoor Car Cover is a premium cover for premium sports cars. Made of a polyester blend that includes Lycra/Spandex, it creates the perfect combination of a Satin-like exterior feel with a luxuriously soft underside to pamper your vehicle’s finish. The Onyx Satin Indoor cover will also fit widebody vehicles. The front and rear hems, mirror pockets and generation-specific patterns are tailored to your vehicle. Its stretchability results in a sleek, form-fitting look that is easy to slip on. Every Onyx Satin Indoor cover includes a storage bag and 3-year warranty.

Keeping your sports car clean and safe seems like a full-time job, but you can purchase protective products to eliminate stress when you’re away from home.

Top Flight Automotive sells multiple products made by one of the most trusted companies in the industry, Onyx. You can use our indoor and outdoor car covers to block dirt and other contaminants from settling on your vehicle’s paint. Browse our selections to see Onyx covers made for Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and Pontiac sports cars.

What Are Onyx Indoor and Outdoor Car Covers?

Exterior car covers protect your investment anytime you’re out of the cabin. Whether you need a short-term or long-term storage cover, Onyx covers shield windows, hoods, rims and surrounding surfaces from common threats your vehicle could encounter while it’s sitting. Depending on which Onyx car cover you purchase, you can create a barrier to keep rainwater, pollen, insects, critters and dust away from your ride.

We offer Onyx car covers in colors like black and gray for a racing presentation, and you can choose from indoor and outdoor styles that provide multiple layers of protection. Each Onyx cover is vehicle-specific. We have Onyx indoor and outdoor covers organized by model and year for a close fit.

Onyx MaxTech Indoor and Outdoor Covers for Sale

Top Flight Automotive supplies you with MaxTech outdoor car covers for the heaviest level of protection. The MaxTech line features four layers of water-resistant material to defend against snow, ice, sleet and rain. Air can still reach your performance vehicle for ventilation, but custom-fit mirror pockets and elastic sections keep your cover in place.

MaxTech covers are available in gray hues. Use the included tie-down cable and lock to prevent thieves from accessing your sports car.

Onyx Satin Indoor Car Covers

Some collectors keep sports cars inside garages or showrooms. Onyx Satin Indoor car covers are made with a polyester blend of flexible lycra and spandex materials for indoor use. A soft underside sits close to your vehicle’s paint, and the exterior covers are easy to slide on and off. The Onyx satin black line is for keeping dust and fingerprints off of your sports car’s finish.

Onyx Premium Flannel Indoor Car Covers

Help your vehicle stay safe in an unheated garage using a Premium Flannel cover from Onyx. These double-napped indoor covers showcase 100% mildew-resistant materials to ensure your performance car looks and smells fresh consistently. Unlike other Onyx covers, these offerings arrive in tan.

Onyx EconoTech Indoor Covers for Sale

EconoTech covers provide you with a single layer of protection. These are some of our most affordable exterior covers that actively repel moisture and dirt year-round. Onyx designs the EconoTech cover for individuals with more than one sports car in their collection who want to protect surfaces from the unexpected on a strict budget.

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Top Flight Automotive gets you the best deals on protective covers and similar accessories. Shop our store to see Onyx products made for special vehicles like the Chevrolet Corvette, Ford Mustang, Dodge Charger and Pontiac GTO. We ship anywhere in the U.S. and can send purchases overseas if you need. 

We have Onyx covers in our inventory now, so you can order from us today. Have questions about indoor or outdoor car covers? Contact the team at Top Flight Automotive, and we will respond during our business hours.

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