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It’s exciting to have unique vehicles in your garage. One way you can separate your collection from the rest is to acquire a Mercury Cougar. Mercury, a division of the Ford Motor Company, created the Cougar to give consumers more than one option for a stellar pony car. The Cougar body style was heavily influenced by Classic Mustangs, though Mercury vehicles had larger wheelbases and European-inspired trims starting in 1967.

Sales for the first-generation Mercury Cougar were slow compared to the Mustang, but releases showcased versatile V8 engines across the board. There’s a reason why the Cougar endured over 30 years of production in its history, so fixing up a 1960s variant is worthwhile. When your first-generation Cougar calls for a new dashboard, look no further than the Top Flight Automotive store.

The Need for Mercury Cougar Dashboards

The Mercury Cougar has a dedicated following. Although the vehicle line ceased production in 2002, there is a consistent demand for replacement and reproduction parts today. Top Flight Automotive wants you to enjoy your ride, so we make it possible to install replica-style dashboards for vehicles that have been retired for decades.

Our store is home to Cougar dashboards for rare vehicles like the 1967, 1968,1969 and 1970 releases. Whether you recently found a deal on a first-generation Cougar or your favorite collector car has fading surfaces, we offer affordable solutions for your vehicle. Our products help you rejuvenate vintage cars based on factory specifications. Install an all-new 1967-1970 Cougar dash with the most historically correct products on the market.

When Should I Upgrade My Factory Cougar Dashboard?

An original Cougar dash will last for years. However, wet conditions, changing temperatures and frequent sun exposure take a toll on original equipment manufacturer (OEM) surfaces.

If you take your Mercury Cougar to special events, inspect the condition of your stock dashboard regularly. Imperfections like scuffs, peeling materials and sunspots will detract from your cabin’s appearance. Order a Cougar dashboard upgrade from Top Flight Automotive if you notice the following:

  • Your factory dash is lifting or buckling.
  • Surfaces start to bubble on your original dash.
  • There is a noticeable color fade across the dashboard.

About Our Mercury Cougar Replacement Dash Products

Top Flight Automotive carries model-specific products for first-generation Cougars. Click through our selections using product filtering tools to focus your search and identify compatible cougar dashes for your 1967, 1968, 1969 or 1970 release in seconds.

Our store features Cougar products in all original color schemes. Find complete 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar dashboard assemblies and related pieces in one convenient place. All of our selections are produced with OEM textures, dimensions and fastening points in mind. You can remove your original dash and install our reproductions using the same hardware.

We Sell Mercury Cougar Dashes and Parts From Top Brands

A Mercury Cougar is worth holding onto. Our professionals spend a great deal of time hand-selecting products for our inventory so you can be happy with your investment down the road. We only supply you with the finest reproductions and replacement parts, so you’ll see listings from companies such as Classic Auto Air, Classic Car Dashes and Auto Accessories of America.

Aside from dash assemblies, you can pick up Mercury Cougar air vents, emblems and similar trim products to complete the cabin. Most Top Flight Automotive offerings are produced in the USA. Bring your Mercury vehicle back to life without breaking the bank since we have restoration solutions for any size budget.

1967-1970 Mercury Cougar Dash Pads

Top Flight Automotive sells reproduction dash pad products by Classic Car Dashes to save you from hunting for pre-owned parts. Find a direct-fit dash pad for your first-generation Mercury Cougar that installs just like your original. Follow the OEM-based mounting holes to position your new part correctly. You will not have to cut, tear or alter cabin surfaces for your product to attach.

Our dash pad reproduction options are produced with urethane materials, so these products from Classic Car Dashes hold their shape and color. Each upgrade dash pad features grain patterns similar to what was included in your vehicle at the time of production. Choose a reproduction dash pad in any factory color seen within first-generation Cougars. Top Flight Automotive makes it simple to acquire 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar dashes in shades like black, blue, red, aqua and ivy gold.

First-Generation Mercury Cougar Dashboard Vent Replacements

Air conditioning vents help you stay comfortable inside the cabin. After using your vents for decades, it’s common for these pieces to crack. When you need a new installation, Top Flight Automotive has you covered with small billet air conditioning vents that fit first-generation Mercury Cougars.

Change your stock vents for new ones that guide cool air where you want it to go. If you’ve been staring at openings in your dashboard where factory vents used to be, our replacement vent products are the last piece of the puzzle for your project. Our experts include dimensions within each product description so you can verify replacement vents will fit before you buy. Select vents come ready with air conditioning hose adapters.

1967-1970 Cougar Dash Trim Pieces for Sale

Original Mercury Cougar dashes had a series of emblems and silver trims visible from driver and passenger seats. If these emblems go missing, it can impact the resale and collector value of your ride. Luckily, Top Flight Automotive provides you with Cougar trim piece replacements for the first-generation series.

Choose options made by Auto Accessories of America to place throughout the cabin. Some of our most popular selections include Mercury Cougar data plates that sit near the dashboard.

Purchase 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar Dashboards From Our Store

Only Top Flight Automotive sells the Mercury Cougar dash products you need to fulfill your restoration vision. We have a no-minimum order policy in place so you can get just the components you need without spending extra. When you need Cougar parts and accessories, our team ships items much faster than the rest. 

Submit your order for a 1967-1970 Mercury Cougar dashboard assembly today. We will respond to questions about our Mercury collection when you contact us online

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