Dodge Challenger Shaker

Dodge Challenger Shaker

The Dodge Challenger has one of the most fascinating histories of any American-made car. Dodge first introduced the Challenger as a pony car in 1970. This compact, performance-focused sports car was designed to be the most powerful pony car on the market. Unfortunately, pony car popularity began to decline in the early 1970s, and Dodge halted production on first-generation Challengers in 1974. 

In 1978, Dodge introduced the second-generation Challenger. Instead of a pony car, this release was a four-cylinder, two-door coupe designed to compete with vehicles like the Honda Prelude and Toyota Celica. Dodge retired the second generation in 1983.

The Challenger returned to production in 2008. This third-generation Challenger was largely modeled after the 1970 Challenger R/T, bringing back the pony car style. It was a hit upon its release and is still going strong today.

At Top Flight Automotive, we have an extensive inventory of aftermarket parts for all three Challenger generations. Our selection includes high-quality shaker hoods that improve the look and performance of your third-generation Challenger.

What Is a Challenger Shaker Hood?

A shaker hood — also known as a hood scoop or shaker scoop — is an air intake mounted on top of the engine’s air filter. Because it fastens directly to the engine, this component shakes with the engine’s movements and vibrations, hence the name “shaker.” The shaker cools the engine by bringing additional airflow under the hood. 

Benefits of a Challenger Shaker

A shaker hood cools the engine more quickly than a standard air intake system. It shortens the distance the air has to travel before entering the engine’s cylinders, reducing the amount of air resistance and preventing the air from heating up. As a result, cool air can pass through to the engine more smoothly and efficiently.

The more cool air that enters the engine, the faster it will combust. A shaker can boost your Challenger’s horsepower by maximizing the influx of cool air to the engine. It also provides a “ram air” effect — at high speeds, more air is forced under the shaker hood, supercharging your engine’s power.

Aside from their performance benefits, shaker hoods add a sporty look to cars that drivers love. Many people add shaker hoods to their vehicles just for the effect it has on the car’s appearance.

Why Buy a Replacement Challenger Shaker Hood?

Your Challenger’s shaker hood protects the engine and other crucial internal components. Its design also affects the overall look of your car, giving it a more aggressive racing-style appearance. Because your hood is subjected to weather, elements and wear and tear, it can become damaged or worn over time. The hood can also incur damage if your car is struck by an object or involved in a collision. 

It’s essential to replace a damaged hood as soon as possible to protect your car. Even small scratches can affect your Challenger’s value, and larger dents and cracks leave your engine’s most vital components vulnerable to damage.

Installing a replacement shaker hood is the perfect way to upgrade the style of your Challenger. You’ll get a hood with a factory-fresh appearance and all-new components, revitalizing your Challenger’s look and performance. 

Challenger Shaker Hoods by Cervini’s Auto Design

Top Flight Automotive is proud to carry Challenger shaker hoods manufactured by Cervini’s Auto Design. Cervini’s American-made reproduction hoods are some of the best on the market, thanks to their superior quality, features and fit. 

We carry Cervini’s shaker hood sets that come with everything you need for a quick and easy installation process. They include:

  • An engine-mounted shaker
  • Billet aluminum inserts
  • A cold ram air kit
  • A high-flow conical air filter

Advantages of Cervini’s Shaker Hoods

All the components in these shaker hood sets are made from the highest-quality materials. The shaker hood is built from premium, hand-laid fiberglass that provides exceptional durability, and it fits easily using all original equipment manufacturer (OEM) hardware. The cold air ram kit is made of injected and molded urethane, providing excellent resistance to weather elements and wear and tear.

You’ll also get unbeatable performance from a Cervini’s set. The hood and air system give your Challenger a gain of 15 horsepower.

These shaker hoods are easily customizable. You can choose from kits with a black, silver or unfinished shaker to achieve your desired appearance. The underside also comes fully finished and ready to be painted for a show-quality look. 

Why Purchase Your Challenger Shaker Hood From Top Flight Automotive?

At Top Flight Automotive, we sell high-quality Challenger shaker hoods at competitive prices. If you can find a better deal, we will match the price to help you get the best value. We also accept all orders with no minimum purchase requirements, so you can place orders of any size. 

Our Challenger shaker hoods are in stock and ready to ship. We process all orders promptly to ensure fast shipping and delivery time frames for domestic orders and shipments to locations all over the world. Many of our items are eligible for same-day shipping in the U.S. We also send out international orders daily.

At Top Flight Automotive, we know it can be difficult to find the correct parts for your Challenger. We’re here to help you get the parts you need and make an informed purchase. Our expert sales professionals have over 175 years of combined experience in car sales, and they lend their expertise to answer all your questions and give you helpful tips on your restoration project.

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