Classic Car Dashes - Now On Top Flight Automotive!

Classic Car Dashes – Now On Top Flight Automotive! 

There is no denying that the dashboard is one of the most frequently used surfaces in cars, trucks and SUVs. These stock assemblies are home to vents, trims and accent pieces that give your vehicle a pristine interior appearance. As you enjoy years on the open road, drivers often notice that dashes show signs of wear and tear through sun exposure, changing temperatures, moisture and everyday use.

At Top Flight Automotive, we understand that interior restoration projects involving dash pads can be tricky. In the past, drivers were forced to hunt for replacement parts at scrap yards and used lots, but now customers can browse our online store for the finest dash pads for all of your favorite makes and models. From world-famous muscle cars to compact vehicles, no one caters to your customization or upgrade projects quite like Top Flight Automotive.

Our motto is simple — if a dash pad gets tested and does not provide an exact fit, we refuse to sell it. The days of ignoring dents, scratches and warping connections are over as all of our products meet or exceed the original equipment specifications. Enhance your car, truck or SUV in no time with our vast inventory of reproduction and replacement dash pads suitable for any restoration budget!

Reproduction and Replacement Classic Dash Pads

The condition of your vehicle’s dash pad is noticeable inside and out of the cabin area. New dash installations must look and feel close to what was initially placed at OE factories to maintain the collector or resale value of your automobile. Fortunately, Top Flight Automotive brings customers both reproduction and replacement assemblies manufactured in the United States.

If your original dash pad has seen better days, our experts provide two choices for a factory-fresh appearance. Reproduction products are the closest you can get to an exact replica of an assembly no longer in production. Our manufacturers use the same materials as notable motor companies and mold reproduction orders with the following:

  • Durable vinyl/ABS outer skins
  • Strong structural layers
  • Reinforced foam cores
  • Original OE tooling (select products only)

Reproduction dash pads are listed at a slightly higher price point than other products on our online store. These attachments offer an identical look and feel as OE and OEM components and eliminate the guesswork behind finding a perfect match to your model year. Reproduction selections are an excellent option for dedicated collectors and sports car enthusiasts trying to keep vintage releases as “stock” as possible.

For drivers on a tight budget, consider ordering a replacement dash pad through Top Flight Automotive. Replacement products feature cost-friendly urethane materials and can better withstand UV rays from prolonged sun exposure. Regardless if you choose a reproduction or replacement dash pad, discover solutions in all original interior colors.

Dash Pad Selections

Top Flight Automotive professionals encourage restoration projects in the name of style and performance. We want you to feel comfortable in your occasional cruiser or daily driver, so we cater our collection to iconic interior builds of the past and present. No matter if you find yourself behind the wheel of a Chevy, Ford, GMC, Mercury, Mopar or Pontiac vehicle, our team gives you access to dash pad reproductions and replacements for models dating as far back as the 1950s.

We specialize in dash pad products that install with stock setups and take the time to focus contours and dimensions for desirable results. When you disassemble your factory dash pad, you want to know that your upgrade is going to fit correctly. Therefore, Top Flight Automotive’s products arrive with pieces such as mounting clips and pre-cut holes for placement.

Transform your vehicle’s interior in no time with listings for popular brand names including:

Corvette Classic Car Dash Pads

Whether you are a restoration expert with a classic C1 or frequent the race track in an Anniversary edition C4, look no further than Top Flight Automotive for dash pads compatible with 1953-1996 Corvettes.

Racing styles have always influenced corvette designs, and Chevrolet production runs have changed drastically between each generation. Top Flight Automotive carries reproduction and replacement selections for C1, C2, C3 and C4 Corvettes for a historically accurate dash pad. We do the work for you and pinpoint the subtle differences between vintage cockpit layouts with installations showcasing original C1 speaker openings, C2 grab bar inserts, C3 upper and lower dash sections and more.

Create a factory or custom dash with Chevrolet-inspired finishes such as:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Charcoal
  • Turquoise
  • Saddle
  • Dark orange

Mustang Classic Dash Pads

Early Ford Mustang models are some of the most valuable pony cars in American history. Debuting in 1964, consumers fell in love with the massive body builds of first- and second-generation models packed with over 120 horsepower. The Ford Motor Company reimagines the Mustang with every series launch, and Top Flight Automotive is happy to stock our inventory with dash pads for 1964-1986 production years.

Dress up your vintage Shelby, Boss or Fox Body Mustang with options containing Ford’s original tooling. For your shopping convenience, reproduction and replacement Mustang dash pads are organized by individual year. Speak to one of our sales representatives during normal business hours for assistance with compatibility and fitment.

Vintage Dashes

Drivers have the power to reimagine vehicles when restoring interior cabin areas. Over time, stock components in your favorite car, truck or SUV show signs of wear and tear thanks to sun exposure, moisture, hot and cold temperatures and regular use. That’s why our experts bring customers dash solutions for vehicles ranging from the 1950s through the 1990s. 

With vintage dashes for Chevy, Ford, GMC, Mercury, Mopar, Pontiac vehicles and more, no one caters to automobiles no longer in production like Top Flight Automotive. You can finally correct unwanted cracks, scratches and warping pieces when you order a vintage dash. 

Discover dash pad installations for notable models, including:

Vintage Dash Fitment

Classic Car Dashes, Part of the Extra Mile Brand Family of Companies, is proud to supply reproduction and replacement dash pads that install without interior modification. After removing your factory assembly, our products drop into place as our manufacturers follow similar procedures as OEMs. All of our dash pads meet or exceed the specifications of original production runs for long-lasting restoration results.

Reproduction dashes are replicas of stock assemblies with original tooling options, vinyl/ABS outer skins and a foam core. If you are after an OEM-inspired dash pad upgrade for your muscle or pony car, reproduction listings are as close to “stock” as you can get. For projects on a tight budget, purchase one of our replacement options showcasing cost-friendly urethane materials.

If you are intimidated by the restoration process, our sales representatives are available during normal business hours to take your call. We will gladly steer you toward a compatible fit for your vehicle, as well as set you up for success with the correct mounting hardware.

Contact Top Flight Automotive for Classic Car Dashes

Top Flight Automotive is part of the Extra Mile Brands family of companies. With a strong focus on Corvette and Mustang releases, our team consists of professionals dedicated to serving the Chevrolet and Ford communities for over 40 years. We invite customers to shop our growing inventory of interior, exterior and performance parts for classic and new vehicles.

We want to see you behind the wheel of your favorite ride for years to come, so we supply a wide range of components and accessories for daily driving applications. Speak to one of our sales representatives about products eligible for same-day shipping after order processing.

For more information about classic car dashes or to place an order, contact Top Flight Automotive today!

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