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APR Performance is a leader in the aftermarket automobile industry. Their manufacturing process uses lightweight and durable carbon fiber to build the best parts in aerodynamics and style for both racing and street applications. Carbon fiber is a polymer comprised of carbon atoms linked in long chains to produce fibers. These fibers are woven into a material more durable than steel yet lighter than aluminum.

All APR Performance parts are designed to reduce drag, preserve your vehicle and make it look sleek and modern. Using the same technology that gets an aircraft off the ground and a racecar to the finish line, APR Performance will give your Corvette or Mustang the speed, power and protection you need.


For ultimate drag reduction and increased speed and performance, an aero kit is the way to go. APR aero kits for Corvettes and Mustangs use the principles of Computational Fluid Dynamics. The three main pieces of an aero kit work together to lower drag and increase traction for higher speed and better handling. The wing, splitter and diffuser focus on different areas of the car to improve performance all around.


An adjustable wing, also called an airfoil, generates downforce when installed on the back of a car. The wing cuts through the high-speed, low-pressure air streams rolling off your vehicle. The effect creates higher pressure in the air pocket below the wing panel. 

Your car itself, as well as the other components of an aero kit, are designed to increase aerodynamics. As you drive, the body shape and accessories expertly slice through the air, creating less friction and allowing for higher speeds and a fluid ride. It also generates lift in the same way an aircraft does. The downward pressure from the wing counteracts this lift, keeping your tires firmly on the pavement. The airfoil is critical to a better grip and increased handling at top speeds.


Commonly referred to as a front splitter, this is a flat extension of the bumper. The part extends parallel to the ground and is often kept in place by two support rods. A splitter kit includes an air dam, also called a front lip or a lip spoiler. The air dam is an angled part attached underneath the bumper. The front splitter and air dam reduce the amount of space where high-pressure air can build up beneath the vehicle. It also increases airflow to the air ducts and radiator cooling openings on the front bumper.


The diffuser, or valence panel air duct, is a shaped part of a car’s underbody, and usually has vertical fins. A rear diffuser has an upward slope. It needs to have an angle of at least 10 degrees to be useful. The diffuser works best attached to a car with a flat undertray. APR Performance diffusers reduce drag at the rear of your vehicle by causing the high-speed underbody air to slow down and expand. This slower, lower pressure air reduces unwanted turbulence at the back of the car. The fins found on many diffusers keep out air from the left and right sides of the vehicle.


Whether you’re speeding down the highway or parked at a car show, the external parts of your car are the most visible. Impress your onlookers with the highest quality exterior furnishing. Deck out your vehicle with carbon fiber exterior accessories. These exterior components resist damage from scrapes, nicks and airborne particles at high speeds. The glossy black finish adds texture and dimension to your vehicle.

  • Mirrors: Choose to replace your mirrors with a racing-inspired design. Or, protect your factory mirrors with carbon fiber mirror covers. All APR Performance mirrors and mirror covers are hand-polished with a fade-resistant, UV-stable clear coating.
  • Exterior lighting: Shield your headlights and taillights from impacts with sturdy carbon fiber coverings. Angular bezels and shields are molded with precision from prepreg carbon fiber for a secure fit and a fast installation.
  • Fender vents: Protect your vents with custom-molded carbon fiber vent covers. These hand-polished coverings give your vehicle dimension and unparalleled shine.



APR Performance accessories get your car showroom-ready. Pop the hood and turn heads at your next car show with textured APR Corvette accessories. The engine cover kit, featuring rail guards and a rugged carbon fiber engine cover, will make your engine look as slick as it runs. We offer engine dress kits to fit several Corvette and Mustang models.

  • 2014–2019 Chevrolet Corvette C7
  • 2005–2013 Chevrolet Corvette
  • 2015–2017 Ford Mustang
  • 2011–2014 Ford Mustang
  • 2005–2010 Ford Mustang


APR Performance parts and hardware keep your aero kit in place. They’re made from carbon fiber and aluminum for enhanced durability. Support the splitters, wings and body of your 2005–2019 Chevrolet Corvette with adjustable spoiler rod hardware. These tractable rods give you more control over your aerodynamics, optimizing the angles of your aero kit components. Cool your 2005–2009 or 2015–2020 Ford Mustang and dress up the engine with a radiator support air deflector.


Make the cab of your vehicle look as good as the exterior with APR interior parts. The woven carbon fiber interior trim gives your car a smooth black finish. Made from the same materials as the performance-enhancing aero kit and exterior trim, they tie together the entire vehicle’s appearance. Upgrade your car’s factory-standard interior for an exotic custom look.

  • Console: Custom formed to factory specifications from prepreg carbon fiber, the console lid fits 2005–2009 Ford Mustangs. It has a hand-polished clear coating that will give your console a glossy finish. Make your console easy to clean and add texture with the woven carbon fiber construction.
  • Dashboard panels: Give your dashboard a distinctive look with high-gloss carbon fiber dash panels. These panels follow the 2005–2009 Ford Mustang factory specifications for easy installation and a perfectly-formed fit. They frame gauges with rounded wells and an attractive beveled edge. They also cover vents without interrupting airflow.
  • Gauge cluster: Fitted for a 2005–2009 Ford Mustang Gauge Cluster, this gauge covering will add protection and style to your dashboard. The woven carbon fiber is coated in a UV-stable clear coating, for a textured appearance with a smooth finish. Each circular gauge opening has a rounded edge.

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