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New Seat Foam is a vital part of your interior restoration

February 25, 2022

Seat foam is a vitally important, but often overlooked, component of your new seats.  It can be tempting to save money by using your old seat foam with new seat covers but that savings will result in a substandard seat.  Let’s face it, anything that has been sitting in a car for ten, twenty, or even thirty plus years is going to experience degradation from extreme temperatures and other stressors.

Here are some things to consider about new seat foam.

  • Using new seat foam will result in a better-looking seat.  Putting brand new seat covers on old foam will allow the seat covers to wrinkle excessively and look like they don’t fit.  New seat foam will fill the seat cover completely, allow a much tighter fit, and will be more pleasing to the eye.
  • New seat foam will also be more comfortable.  Our seat foam sets and components feature the correct density, firmness, and shape required for amazing comfort.  You want to feel cushioning when you sit in your brand-new seats, not seat springs poking at you!  New seat foam will provide the cushy ride that you deserve so that you can cruise in comfort.
  • Installing the new seat foam at the same time that you replace the seat covers will also prolong the life of the covers themselves.  As mentioned above, new seat covers will not fit tightly on old foam and that will result in the cover sliding a bit every time that you or your passenger enter or exit the car.  That slipping around will cause the stitching on the covers to experience extra stress which weakens the seams and allows the seat covers to look baggy.  Using new seat foam allows that tighter fit and no slipping thereby extending the life of your seats.

Since this will likely be a once in a lifetime restoration of your car, you want great looks, superior comfort, and longevity!  Using new seat foam when replacing your seats will accomplish that.

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